Animals and Pets can do some of the craziest and cookies things at time that make you Laugh out Loud and Animals LOL catches them in the act with tons of video clips not only from viewers but also from the Internet. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Animal Anarchy 01x07
Eccentric Exotic Animals 01x06
Here's a big helping of the internet's best footage of animals from safari parks, zoos and even in their natural habitats - all guaranteed to make you laugh out loud – and that means silly monkeys, a goat with a grudge, and even a loved up llama!
Doggie Delinquints 01x05
We're back with more of the craziest dog clips on the internet featuring dancing dogs, conversational canines, and priceless puppy fails, all caught on camera for our serious amusement.
Pet Pandemonium 01x04
Featuring crazy pet clips that will have you laughing out loud, including tortoises with a bad attitude, foul-mouthed parrots and some stir-crazy hamsters.
Dogs Being Dumb 01x03
Caught on camera, dog antics include singing, misbehaving and dressing up.
Frisky Felines 01x02
Talented tabbies, mischievous kitties and fabulous feline fails - they're all here, proving just how much the world loves cats - especially when they're kind enough to do something funny in front of a camera!
Cat Crazy 01x01
From humble kitties terrorized by the toaster or getting stuck in a hamster ball – to the famed Grumpy Cat – they're all here! The most hilarious cat videos on the internet have arrived and are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

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