Animal Planet enters "The City" to bring the tireless work of San Francisco Animal Care and Control (ACC) to the forefront in Animal Cops: San Francisco. San Francisco ACC, with a team of 10 investigators and two full-time police officers, receives over 10,000 calls a year including animal-related emergencies, dog-fighting calls and animals in distress. The team covers the metropolitan district of San Francisco and responds to calls as unique as the town they are in. Capt. Vicky Guldbech and Lt. Michael Scott lead the San Francisco ACC team on the important mission of protecting the city's animal population.Viewers see a wide range of animal issues in Animal Cops: San Francisco, from the touching reunion between a family and their cat that has been missing for seven years, to the disturbing stories of dogs that are mistreated in the rampant problem of dog-fighting rings in the city, to emotional rescue missions like a kitten caught in a chimney. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Clip Show 01x15
Two aggressive pitbulls running loose; chihuahua hit by car; kitten stuck in tree and the agent gets stuck trying to rescue it; an agent learns about sea lions and seals and then helps release orphaned ones into the wild.
Double Doggie Bite 01x14
Cat stuck in a wall; emaciated puppies kept in bad conditions; owl with injured wing; dog bites two mailmen.
Unwanted Backyard Discovery 01x13
Search for cats in apartment hit by fire; dog locked in car in hot weather; backyard with two dead dogs and an ill one; fighting birds sent through the post office.
Bridge Rescue and the Aftermath 01x12
Old clips are shown with new footage. Possible fighting birds in the back of a pickup truck; man living with over ten cats in a hotel apartment; injured dog running loose on a freeway bridge; emaciated dog with a large hanging tumor.
Fire Escape 01x11
Dog running loose after being scared by an explosion; 77 collies rescued from an abusive owner; cat accidentally poisoned with flea medication for dogs; dog apparently hit by a car; pitbull puppies kept in empty apartment.
Ugly Ring Around the Collar 01x10
A Yorkshire terrier is attacked by a pit bull; a dog's collar becomes embedded; a woman steals a dog from the SPCA.
Apartment Search 01x09
Dead puppy tied to a bathroom wall; hotel room full of cats; loose dog; injured pelican.
Foul Contenders 01x08
Dog left outside in cruel conditions; dog rescued from a house fire; suspected breeder of fighting birds; raccoon in a garage.
Animal Traffic Cops 01x07
Dog loose in city; dog with tumors hanging down; possum stuck in school gutter; seagull stuck in fountain; a man is accidentally bitten by a dog.
Unlawful Shot? 01x06
Puppies suffering from parvo virus; dog hit by car on Bay Bridge; police shoot a dog.

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