This Animal Precinct spin-off follows the dramatic cases of the Michigan Humane Society's investigators. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Hungry to Happy 03x13
Property with five extremely underweight dogs; injured dogs seized; puppy thrown from car and infected with worms; cats must be captured from a closet and basement after their elderly owner moves to get assisted living.
Piglet's Got to Go 03x12
Darling Diesel 03x11
Husky is shot in the chest; extremely underweight dog living outside for two years without provisions; two weak, extremely emaciated dogs; dog trapped in manhole filled with cold sewer water.
Most Unforgettable Cases 03x10
247 cats removed from house ("House of Cats"); dog and her 14 puppies abandoned in house ("Abandoned Puppies"); dog with tow chain embedded in neck ("Embedded Chain"); dog trapped in freezing river; agents search house for dogfighting paraphernalia and find seven scarred pitbulls; cats rescued from a trash-filled house along with an emaciated, matted dog locked in the basement for its entire life ("Trapped in Trash").
Amazing Recoveries 03x09
Agents recall cases in which animals made amazing recoveries. Dog on brink of death ("From the Brink"); dog with severe burns on head; stray dog is shot ("Rush Hour Rescue"); Pekingese with eye injury from play-fighting with a Rottweiler ("Heat Wave"); Chow-mix puppy used as bait for a fighting pit bull ("Trapped in Trash"); puppy running loose in alley in freezing temperatures ("Task Force Action").
Deserted Dogs 03x08
Mysterious Injuries 03x07
Husky allegedly beaten with metal broom handle for accidentally knocking out a van window; two abandoned labradors with mange; kittens living on roof of abandoned house; underweight Rottweiler and terrier puppy living in terrible conditions.
Cat Catching 03x06
House full of cats; dog found on an island; kittens stuck in underground pipe; abandoned dog; two dogs running loose.
Left in the Cold 03x05
Home suspected to have housed pitbull fights is raided; emaciated dog outside in cold weather; underweight Rottweilers; python removed from home after fire.
Wounded by Wire 03x04
Dog wrapped up in embedded wires; kitten with injured hind legs after being hit by a car; house full of reptiles.

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