Enter a world where crime pays well--until you get caught. CNBC's unprecedented original primetime series, American Greed takes you inside the scams, schemes and broken dreams…revealing the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money. Add to my shows

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Something's Fishy: The Codfather 12x16

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Just A Dollar And A Scheme//lousy Landlord 12x15
An Iowa man rigs a $16.5 million lottery jackpot, triggering the biggest lotto scam in American history. Then, notorious NYC landlord Steven Croman finds a new home for a year: jail.
An Ungodly Scammer 12x14
Self-proclaimed teen millionaire Ephren Taylor preaches his "safe" investments at church seminars and on the internet, fleecing victims out of millions.
Online Dating Trap 12x13
Daylon Pierce is a consummate ladies' man who claims to be a stockbroker, wooing unsuspecting women online.
Artistic License To Steal 12x12
A wannabe art dealer sells fake works by American masters of Abstract Expressionism in an $80 million scam, fooling rich collectors and pocketing millions.
Operation Crook, Line And Stinker 12x11
A crooked NYC cop cashes in as a high-tech burglary crew terrorizes homes and businesses.
Florida Rehab Gone Wild 12x10
Kenny Chatman runs a string of corrupt drug rehab facilities, stealing millions by keeping insured addicts hooked on drugs.
Billion Dollar Fraud Goes Viral 12x09
Carlos Wanzeler and James Merrill promise enormous returns on a "work from home" plot selling phone service, and entice nearly one million people in a $1.7 billion Internet scam.
Dangerous Luxury 12x08
Vitaly Borker scores $18 million selling designer eyewear as genuine from his website in Brooklyn.
Blood Relatives//end Of Life Scam 12x07
A thieving shopaholic son murders his family to cash in on the family's wealth. Then, a health facility owner uses a billing scheme in a $20 million rip-off.
Conn's Job 12x06
How does superstar disability lawyer Eric C. Conn offer guaranteed client wins? He cheats, scoring a massive Social Security fraud, then vanishes.

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