After finding out he has to protect magical creatures at 13, Jake Long is pretty busy. The street talking Chinese teen, has to wager in his annoying little sister Haley, having to learn new techniques from this Grandfather, keep his secret away from people, and battle the Huntsman and beyond all the Dark Dragon. Plus he loves to skateboard. Pretty neat for a dragon to protect magical creatures. Now it is avaible in Bahasa Melayu on Disney Channel Asia (Channel 615 Astro) Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Hong Kong Longs 02x31
Lao Shi is kidnapped during a trip to Hong Kong.
Being Human 02x30
Haley takes over the position of American Dragon while Jake is stressed out about his middle school graduation.
Furious Jealousy 02x29
Spud makes a deal with Fury to win over the affection of Stacey.
Game On 02x28
Jake uses cheat codes to make his life easier.
Bite Father, Bite Son 02x27
Mr. Long brings Jake into the office for a bring your child to work day. During the day, a group of vampires attack.
A Ghost Story 02x26
Jake, Spud, and Trixie become camp counselors. Meanwhile Jake has to go up against Brad, and a clan of vengeful ghosts.
Magic Enemy #1 02x25
Jakes online Journal makes Rotwood the magical worlds # 1 enemy.
Nobody's Fu 02x24
Jake gets a helper monkey to replace Fu Dog.
Shaggy Frog 02x23
Spud gets “froggy” powers. He likes it until #88, and #89 go frog hunting.
Siren Says 02x22
Jake is won at the school’s bachelor auction by a pretty girl, and an average girl. Unfortunately, Lao Shi, Trixie, and Fu Dog fear that she may be a siren.

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