In American Dad!, Stan Smith leads the all-American family in this animated sitcom filled with wild and crazy extremes. Everyday life is taken to the limit as Stan applies the same drastic measures used in his job at the CIA to his home life. Driven by machismo and the American dream, he often is blind to how horribly he fails at his attempts. This father might not know best, but he never stops trying. Add to my shows

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Shakedown Steve 17x04
Steve and Jeff try to bond as brothers while the rest of the family visits an escape room.

Latest episodes

Stan Moves to Chicago 17x03
Stan moves to Chicago to become a comic while Steve and Hayley host Roger for a nice night in.
Russian Doll 17x02
Stan becomes infatuated with a doll that the CIA wants to use to spy on the Russians.
Who Smarted? 17x01
Jeff undergoes an intelligence enhancement procedure.
Yule. Tide. Repeat. 16x24
After Stan's plan for the perfect Christmas goes terribly, tragically wrong, he's given a magical opportunity to make things right.
300 16x23
American Dad becomes the 25th scripted primetime show in the History of Television to reach 300 episodes and Roger's past comes back to haunt him.
The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler 16x22
The Smiths take a trip on an old steam locomotive to visit Francine's aunt only to discover it's being hijacked.
Dammmm, Stan! 16x21
Stan goes to great lengths to find the "right" couple's activity for him and Francine; Hayley and Steve look into some mysterious markings they find on the door frame.
The Chilly Thrillies 16x20
Francine explores ASMR with Roger. Steve gets a a pole in his head and a secret admirer.
Businessly Brunette 16x19
Hayley takes off her headband and becomes a businesswoman; Stan plans a party.
The Old Country 16x18
Steve pushes Stan to trace the Smith family's ancestry, while Hayley and Francine go under cover as Sub Hub secret shoppers.

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