In American Dad!, Stan Smith leads the all-American family in this animated sitcom filled with wild and crazy extremes. Everyday life is taken to the limit as Stan applies the same drastic measures used in his job at the CIA to his home life. Driven by machismo and the American dream, he often is blind to how horribly he fails at his attempts. This father might not know best, but he never stops trying. Add to my shows

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Plot Heavy 17x16
After Stan sells off the coveted family plot, the family opens their own cemetery in the backyard with the help of basketball Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen.

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Comb Over: A Hair Piece 17x15
Stan finally decides to do something about his secret baldness and enlists the help of Josay Bosay, Roger's famed hair-stylist-to-the-stars persona.
Flush After Reading 17x14
Francine and Roger get lost in a good book (or five) after Francine escapes an embarrassing situation. Stan reluctantly hangs out at the library.
Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika 17x13
Stan and Francine go back in time to settle an argument.
Lumberjerk 17x12
Stan is forced to partner with Jeff in a lumberjack competition. Meanwhile, Steve, Francine and Snot enter a contest to win a vintage pickup truck.
Hot Scoomp 17x11
Hayley searches for guidance and instead finds a community of 'cool butts.'
Henderson 17x10
Stan's childhood imaginary friend returns to collect a debt. Klaus has a big date and needs a fishbowl upgrade.
Mused and Abused 17x09
Roger reveals a secret passion to Klaus; Stan and Francine seek revenge on Bazooka Sharks management.
Dancin' A-with My Cell 17x08
Stan tries a new, cutting edge parenting approach DNA splicing.
Little Bonnie Ramirez 17x07
After a series of boring personas, Roger goes to great lengths to prove to Francine he still has "his edge".
The Wondercabinet 17x06
Steve spins out about his future, but a radio show about new age mysticism gives him a hopeful new understanding of life. Roger struggles to get into the adult film industry.

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