From talking kitties and slumbering cats to dancing dogs and dogs that doze, We count down the cutest clips in the web-o-sphere to crown "America's Cutest Pet!" and "America's Cutest Dog". With viral videos of the craziest and quirkiest cats a mere mouse-click away, Animal Planet settles the cuteness debate by counting down the top five videos in eight pre-determined categories, such as "Are You Talking to Meow?" and "Copy Cats." Taking into consideration online views and commentary from Animal Planet personalities and feline experts, the top cats from each category will then square off to determine the undisputed cutest cat. Combing through the best the internet has to offer in doggie home videos, "America's Cutest Dog" pushes the cuteness scale to new heights in categories like "Dancing with the Dogs" and "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." From musical puppies that play instruments and sing along to the radio, to canines on the go and dogs that dress to the nines, "AMERICA'S CUTEST DOG" will be named from a strong pool of pooches. The competition is fierce, so tune in to find out who we crown "America's Cutest Pet!" Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Dog: Pup Stars 05x07
America’s Cutest Dog counts down the cutest video clips of dogs in the universe. On the next episode we focus on mutts who think they’re pup stars.
Dogs: Pup Stars 05x06
The show features different dogs that crave the spotlight and others that can't stay awake.
Cat: Kitty Love 05x05
A look at videos of the cutest kittens.
Dogs: Pooch Power 05x04
Dogs that love water, make funny faces, and others that are adorably possessive.
Cat: Fluff-O-Rama 05x03
Cats, videos of cats being clever.
Dogs: Happy Hounds 05x02
This group of web videos includes dogs that play the piano, can do yoga, and even a chihuahua that twerks.
Cat: Snuggle Kitties 05x01
A web video countdown featuring cats. The episode includes a pair that play a shell game.
Dogs: Fluff-A-Thon 04x06
In this episode of America’s Cutest Dog we discover the essence of canine cuteness in an hour long doggie Fluff-A-Thon. Through the magic of home grown videos we witness the most magnificent mutts on the web.
Dogs: Snug-A-Licious Pooches 04x05
In this episode of America’s Cutest Dog we search for the most Snug-A-Licious pooches on the web. We find amazing footage of dogs acting like nannies to human babies, athletic pooches, and some mouthy mutts who have a lot to say.
Dogs: Cutified 04x04
A countdown of the most adorable pooches from Web videos.

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