The new animated series, Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks will take viewers on a roller-coaster ride of music, laughter and stories geared to entertain four generations of "The Chipmunks" fans. Presented for the first time in glorious CGI, the series features ground-breaking animation and a new, original Chipmunk song in every episode. The series is an animated version of a prime-time sitcom and reflects the trials and tribulations of a single parent, David Seville, trying to raise six hyper-active Chipmunks. Like most parents, Dave's patience will be pushed to the limit, forcing him to end most sentences in "ALVINNN!!!"Alvin, Simon and Theodore are brothers who tour the world as famous rock stars and still manage to go to school. Completely normal... right? Did I also mention that they're Chipmunks? Along with their best friends, The Chipettes, Alvin and his chipmunk brothers cause tons of trouble on and off the stage while their dad, Dave, tries to manage these three rambunctious rodents, while writing all of their hit songs. Alvin, Theodore, and Simon are so different, it's hard to believe that they came from the same litter. With little voices and BIG personalities, there will be no shortage of adventures when these Chipmunks hit the stage! Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Chimpmania 04x37
Gossip Guy 04x36
The school newspaper has a sudden increase in sales when a gossip column appears poking fun at other students.
Mega Bounce Battle 04x35
The boy's disobey Dave's order to not play a dangerous game then have to hide their injuries when they get hurt.
Dr. Zap vs Electroboy 04x34
Theodore is hit by lightning and believes he's like his comic book hero, until he's told he's actually a villain.
Animal House Party 04x33
A wild party is planned by Derek when the brothers are set to be home alone for the weekend.
Lice-enced to Teach 04x32
After a lice outbreak closes the school, Dave sets up a classroom in the house and acts as the boy's teacher.
Allergic Reaction 04x31
Theodore develops an allergy to an unknown ingredient.
World Day 04x30
To celebrate "World Day" and win a trip, the Chipmunks each get a country to represent for a school presentation.
Between a Rope and a Hard Place 04x29
Coach Dobkins kicks Cheesy and Theodore off the track team for being slow, but Theodore is determined to compete.
Bloodline 04x28
When the boys send Dave's DNA sample to a testing lab the results show he's related to Jack The Ripper.

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