Ali G: Rezurection includes every episode of Da Ali G Show with new, original introductions by star, creator/writer Sacha Baron Cohen, along with the BAFTA(R) Award-winning English episodes of Da Ali G Show which have never aired on American television and The Best of Ali G. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

History 02x09
Ali G interviews Gore Vidal. Borat meets a realtor. Bruno attends a barn dance.
Family 02x08
Ali G learns about art. Bruno interviews fashion guru Leon Hall.
Guns 02x07
Ali G visits the NRA's headquarters. Borat takes a tour of Cambridge.
Media 02x06
Ali G hosts a round-table discussion about the state of the media. Borat visits a hunting ranch in Texas.
Health 02x05
Ali G discusses health and the human body with C. Everett Koop. Bruno visits trendy Melrose Avenue.
Class 02x04
Ali G sits down with Professor Sue Lees to discuss feminism. Borat visits a British bowling club.
Energy 02x03
Ali G discusses immigration with James Ziglar. Borat learns about self defense and new-age dance.
Acting 02x02
Ali G sits down with James Lipton to discuss acting. Borat visits a southern plantation.
FBI 02x01
Ali G learns how the FBI keeps America safe. Borat visits the English Countryside to try hunting.
Books 01x11
Ali G pitches book ideas to publishers in New York. Borat learns about country music.

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