In the Alaskan Bush People, the family of nine strives to be self-sufficient against all odds- often shunning modern society to live off the wilderness and to walk where no man has ever walked before. After the tragic death of his parents and sister that left him orphaned at 16, Billy Brown vowed to live life on his own terms and create his own family to reclaim the love that he lost. With Ami by his side, Billy traveled the lower 48 states and eventually found home in the sprawling landscape of the last frontier, where they have spent most of the last 30 years raising their children. "Our family is doing what is natural for human beings to do. We survive on what we hunt, fish, trap and barter for," Brown says. "We explore, we wander, we live. If you think about it, it's the life we were meant to live." Add to my shows

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Episode 1 09x01

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A New Beginning 08x07
The Wolf Pack braces for a looming wildfire that threatens completion of the barn. Noah walks down the aisle to become the first married Brown.
Family First 08x06
Barn construction is all hands on deck, but family confronts Bam when he chooses to pay more attention to his own projects.
Bird and the Bees 08x05
Ami prepares for a critical doctor check-up, but Billy has concerns about progress on the homestead while they're away. A rogue bear destroys Bam's new beehives forcing the kids to rebuild the hive and save the bees before it's too late.
Call to Duty 08x04
Noah invents an ingenious device to rid their homesite of moles, while barn construction goes full bore at the ranch.
Head Above Water 08x03
Disaster strikes as floods plague the region, and the Brown's must balance the fate of their new community with the success of their homestead.
Breaking Ground 08x02
The Browns begin an ambitious barn build, the key to Billy's grand vision. Noah returns reuniting the entire wolfpack for the first time since Alaska.
Back to the Bush 08x01
After their boat sank, the Browns are stuck in the big city and desperate to get home to the bush.
Blazing a New Trail Part 2 07x09
Blazing a New Trail 07x08
As the Brown family adapts after closing their dream homestead, they charge toward a new beginning with the skills and knowledge they've aquired over 35 years in the Alaskan wilderness.
A New Chapter 07x07
As Ami prepares to undergo treatment for lung cancer, siblings Bear, Bird and Rain work to give the family's homestead back to the bush. The entire wolfpack looks to the future and finds strenght in the hopefor a new place to call Browntown.

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