Airplanes are the lifeblood of Alaska, transporting critical supplies and rescuing the lost and injured in areas where roads don't reach. But violent weather and extreme terrain make these the most dangerous skies in the country, and bush pilots often go beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Alaska Wing Men goes inside this perilous profession to witness firsthand the risks they face. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Compilation 02x11
Man Down 02x10
Ryan McCue transports supplies and personnel to a desolate mining site on Prince of Wales Island when bad weather forces him to weigh the risks of a forced landing. Meanwhile, Don Lee helps a group rebuild a Cherokee Six airplane from the 60's.
Fire Fight 02x09
In Haines, Drake's apprentice suggests a scouting flight to new undiscovered mountain locations. Outside of Juneau, Dustin Caroll battles a forest fire that threatens the homes of nearby residents and the nesting grounds for a group of Bald Eagles.
High Voltage Hazard 02x08
In Juneau, Dustin Carroll and Jag Garrard are flying support for the local power company. They must reconfigure a nearly 50-mile chain of power lines running through the mountains that has been damaged by avalanches in recent years.
Deadly Descent 02x07
Keller Wattum is the "eye in the sky" for a fishing vessel in Kodiak Island's annual herring run. And in Juneau, chopper pilot Dustin Carroll is responsible for getting technicians to the cell towers to find a problem - 4,000 ft. up in the mountains.
Escape from Bear Island 02x06
The untamed wilderness of Alaska can be as dangerous as it is exciting. Though weather is often an obstacle, it's not the only danger. So Don Lee teaches his student the finer points of gunplay and how to shoot and kill a charging bear.
Convict on Board 02x05
Small Alaskan towns like Noorvik face challenges when it comes to overcrowded prison cells, so pilot Zaz Staheli must transport an intoxicated female prisoner to the nearest jail.
Grizzly 911 02x04
A 911 call from a bear hunter on Alaska's remote Kodiak Island sends pilot Keller Wattum out into some rough weather. The hunter is safe, but needs help transporting his prize kill: a massive Kodiak brown bear.
Sky Fishing 02x03
When sac roe herring season presents the opportunity to make more than one million dollars in just a few hours, some captains hire pilots to spot the fish from the sky and point the boats in the right direction.
Ski Chopper Daredevils 02x02
Helicopter pilot Dustin Carroll drops pro skiers atop mountains for a movie they're filming on the extreme slopes of Alaska. Meanwhile, another pilot helps a young Texan find a remote spot to propose to his girlfriend.

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