Alaska: The Last Frontier follows the Kilcher family and their simple, off-the-grid lifestyle.The show documents the extended Kilcher family, descendants of a Swiss immigrant Alaska pioneer, at their homestead 11 miles outside of Homer. By living without plumbing or modern heating, the clan must subsist by hunting and preparing for the long winters. The Kilcher family are relatives of the singer Jewel. Add to my shows

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Breaking Point 10x11
The Kilchers rush to prepare for the arrival of winter. Otto saves a friend's home from sinking into the bay. The stress of parenting during the pandemic pushes Eve to her breaking point and Atz Sr. stalks a menacing bear on the homestead.

season 5

Truth Be Told 05x20
The most memorable moments of the show with previously unseen footage; viewer questions are answered.
The Lost Episode 05x19
Atz Lee plans a surprise ceremony to renew his vows with Jane at the head of the bay; the other Kilchers struggle to prepare for the event.
Surviving the Seasons 05x18
Atz Lee and Jane brave subzero temperatures to search for fish; the Kilcher men mount a mission to the head of the bay; Eivin and Atz Lee are pushed to their limits.
The Last Straw 05x17
Otto receives a terrifying house call; Atz Lee's return to the hunter's cabin is interrupted; the Kilchers join forces to protect Shane's cabin.
Do or Die 05x16
The Kilchers are unprepared for the arrival of winter; Otto and Charlotte guide the cattle; Shane risks losing a year's progress on the cabin.
New Beginnings 05x15
Sparks fly between Otto and Charlotte while they build a staircase; Eiven and Eve welcome the newest member of the family.
Recovery Road 05x14
Atz Lee confronts the reality of recovery; Eivin and Jane search for massive halibut; Eve and Otto rush to complete the fall harvest.
Cycle of Life 05x13
Otto and Charlotte try to resuscitate a stillborn calf; Eve learns that hunting is difficult; the Kilchers say goodbye to Bruce; Eivin and Eve welcome new life.
A Very Kilcher Christmas 05x12
The Kilchers celebrate Christmas by creating homemade gifts for their loved ones. Included: Otto's explosive present takes Charlotte by surprise; Jane has something musical in mind for Atz Lee; and Eivin constructs a dual-use vehicle for Eve and Findlay.
Hard Road Home 05x11
Otto and Charlotte set out on an urgent rescue mission; Atz Sr., Eivin, Shane and Nikos come together to help Atz Lee.
The Fall 05x10
The Kilchers prepare for winter; Eivin faces treacherous peaks to fill his freezer; Otto helps Shane build the cabin; catastrophe strikes for Atz Lee.
No Rain, Big Pain 05x09
The Kilcher's cattle is threatened by the hot summer; Atz Lee learns how to tame the frontier; Jane faces a bear; Shane and Kelli make progress on their cabin.
Olden Days, Olden Ways 05x08
The Kilchers pay tribute to the family's patriarch and matriarch, Yule and Ruth, by preparing a feast using strictly old-fashioned methods.
Homestead Hardships 05x07
Living on the remote and rugged homestead poses challenges for the Kilcher family, and members are forced to stick together.
One Small Flush for Man 05x06
As spring draws to a close, Otto and August dig into a monumental plumbing project. Included: Eivin attempts to help, but loses control of his truck; Atz Sr. searches for two predators threatening the Kilcher property; Atz Lee and Jane give Shane a hand with his cabin.
Mobility, Mo' Problems 05x05
The Kilchers brace for summer on the homestead; Atz Lee takes a crash course in wilderness survival; Jane fights for food; Otto and Eivin try to build a sauna.
Calling All Bears 05x04
With the arrival of spring, the homestead needs work; Atz Sr. hunts to restock dwindling food supplies; Otto, Charlotte and August try to protect livestock; Atz Lee develops a new foothold.
Fear and Floating 05x03
Spring arrives on the homestead. Included: Atz and Atz Lee attempt to tame wild stallions at the head of the bay; at the same time, Otto, Eivin, Charlotte and Jane must innovate to protect their calves and overcome threats to their herd.
Blood, Sweat & Beers 05x02
The Kilchers team up to tame the land after a winter of record-setting warm temperatures. As Otto & Eivin tackle turning raw wilderness into a source of food for generations to come, Atz Sr. battles the elements and a menace at the head of the bay.
Big Changes 05x01
The Kilchers confront the realities of the changing Alaskan climate; and Atz Lee enlists Atz Sr., Otto, Eivin, Bonnie and Jane to help with his dream to build an all-new and remote homestead.

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