Alaska: The Last Frontier follows the Kilcher family and their simple, off-the-grid lifestyle.The show documents the extended Kilcher family, descendants of a Swiss immigrant Alaska pioneer, at their homestead 11 miles outside of Homer. By living without plumbing or modern heating, the clan must subsist by hunting and preparing for the long winters. The Kilcher family are relatives of the singer Jewel. Add to my shows

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Breaking Point 10x11
The Kilchers rush to prepare for the arrival of winter. Otto saves a friend's home from sinking into the bay. The stress of parenting during the pandemic pushes Eve to her breaking point and Atz Sr. stalks a menacing bear on the homestead.

season 3

Extreme Seasons 03x17
Spotlighting seasonal activities of the Kilcher family.
Baby Kilcher Arrives 03x16
Jane faces wicked weather during a cattle drive with Otto; Eivin and Eve's baby is born.
Circle of Life 03x15
Atz Lee and Eivin hunt deer on a remote island; Charlotte scrambles to save a cow; Eve struggles with chores while Eivin is away; and Atz cleans his chimney.
Call of the Wild 03x14
Otto and Eivin bond during a duck hunt; Atz and Atz Lee repair a bridge; and Jane goes fishing.
Marital Maintenance 03x13
Atz's horse strands him on the range; Atz Lee teaches Jane to fell a tree.
Predators and Prey 03x12
A look at various threats to the Kilchers' food supplies and livelihood.
Homestead for the Holidays 03x11
Otto decides to give his "Wacky Yak" to a friend; Atz Lee gathers lumps of coal; Atz helps to bring a friend's herd of cows home.
Of Moose and Men 03x10
Eivin searches for clams; Eve collects wild mushrooms; and Otto and Charlotte bury a friend.
A Prickly Situation 03x09
A persistent porcupine injures several of the Kilchers' animals. Elsewhere, Atz and his family move an old cabin, and Eve's garden is plundered.
Thanksgiving 03x08
The Kilchers celebrate Thanksgiving.
Hunt in the Clouds 03x07
A wasp infestation destroys Eivin and Eve's bee hive; Atz, Atz Lee and Jane hunt for wild goat; and Otto and Charlotte protect their hay crop.
Outhouses, Cow Bras and Bears, Oh My! 03x06
The Kilchers set out to take full advantage of 22 hours of sunlight, with Atz tracking down the predators killing the herd, while Otto comes up with a creative solution for a cow with an udder problem. Elsewhere, Eivin builds an outhouse, and something startles Atz Lee and Jane as they fish for salmon.
Parlors and Poop Chutes 03x05
Atz and Atz Lee hunt bear; Otto builds Charlotte a milking parlor.
Spring Delicacy 03x04
Atz Lee and Jane hunt octopus; Otto struggles to keep a newborn calf alive.
Spring Has Sprung 03x03
Atz hunts black bears; Otto tends to two premature calves.
Father-Son Ingenuity 03x02
Atz and his sons build a bridge across a river; Atz Lee and Jane construct a smokehouse.
Cabin Fever 03x01
Otto cares for an orphaned calf in the Season 3 premiere. Meanwhile, Eivin and Atz Lee hunt small game.

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