Alaska: The Last Frontier follows the Kilcher family and their simple, off-the-grid lifestyle.The show documents the extended Kilcher family, descendants of a Swiss immigrant Alaska pioneer, at their homestead 11 miles outside of Homer. By living without plumbing or modern heating, the clan must subsist by hunting and preparing for the long winters. The Kilcher family are relatives of the singer Jewel. Add to my shows

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Breaking Point 10x11
The Kilchers rush to prepare for the arrival of winter. Otto saves a friend's home from sinking into the bay. The stress of parenting during the pandemic pushes Eve to her breaking point and Atz Sr. stalks a menacing bear on the homestead.

season 2

Family Ties 02x15
Otto and Atz discuss their parenting style.
Fall Flurry 02x14
The Kilchers bottle raspberry mead and sort their root cellar in preparation for winter.
Eve's Hunting Dilemma 02x13
Otto treats an injured colt; Atz and Atz Lee snare rabbits.
Poopscicle 02x12
Eivin takes Eve deer hunting; Atz and his sons gather trees.
Til the Cows Come Home 02x11
The Kilchers go on a picnic at the beach.
Homestead Innovations 02x10
The Kilchers' resourcefulness is examined.
Life According to Otto 02x09
Otto's perspective on life is examined.
Fall Feast 02x08
Otto's herd is threatened by a predator; Atz Lee and Jane catch and smoke salmon; and Eivin prepares Thanksgiving dinner with a samurai sword.
Legend of "Terrible Island" 02x07
Atz Lee and Eivin hunt deer; Otto uses black powder to remove a tree stump; and Eve helps Charlotte deal with a bee problem.
Something's Fishy 02x06
The Kilchers fish for salmon, halibut and trout.
The River Wild 02x05
The Kilchers construct a cattle fence and rebuild a cabin.
Range Riding 02x04
Atz protects Otto's cattle herd from a bear and a wolf; Otto and his family race to harvest their hay crop.
Cattle Drive 02x03
Otto and Eivin search for a missing calf; Atz Lee and Jane build a greenhouse.
Spring Has Sprung 02x02
Eivin builds a chicken house; Jane fishes for king salmon; and Atz Lee hunts black bear.
Dead of Winter 02x01
Atz Lee and Jane go ice fishing; Otto and Atz set out to help a fellow homesteader.

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