Mike Rowe hosts this mini-series follow-up to the Deadliest Catch. The many popular deck-hands and captains get together to tell their tales and share their experiences on the high seas. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

No Safe Passage 07x05
The captains grapple with the loss of their friends on the Scandies Rose. Junior narrowly escapes disaster. Johnathan speaks out about the Time Bandit.
Big New Boat 07x04
Mike Rowe reveals exclusive content and breaking news on the Bering Sea. Josh and Casey look to the future of Bloodline, Jake and Sig go head to head and Junior has a big announcement.
The Better Captain 07x03
Mike Rowe digs deep into the action on the Bering Sea. Junior reveals how he rescued a lost pot and found a new species of crab. Vasilly defends his job on the Summer Bay. Johnathan admits for the first time who the better captain was, Sig or Phil.
Hillstrand Yoga 07x02
Mike Rowe calls on the Deadliest Catch captains to break down a deck feud on the Seabrook, how Phil Harris' legacy still impacts fishermen across the country and how Hillstrand Yoga just isn't for everyone.
Too Close for Comfort 07x01
Mike Rowe connects with captains and crew about survival on and off the crab grounds. Johnathan and Jake give an inside account of running aground. Keith and Junior debate right of way on the high seas. Josh and Casey introduce new deckhand, Maria.
Looking Ahead 06x06
Every boat in the fleet has someone moving up and someone moving out. The Bering Sea Captains imagine what The Deadliest Catch will look like next year and beyond.
Fisherman's Code 06x05
Josh Harris reflects on his experiences over the course of a year. Also: A long-running feud is addressed.
Gamblers 06x04
A wager is settled; a disgruntled greenhorn faces his captain.
View from Shore 06x03
Complicated home lives are explored. Included: Jake Harris' addiction is discussed.
Ambition 06x02
Jake and Josh Harris discuss their experiences as deckhands; Elliott squares off with the owner of his boat.

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