When adventure calls... no place is too far, no risk is too high, and no task is too difficult for Adventure Inc. From his base in the Florida Keys, Judson Cross has assembled a team of young renegades - Mackenzie Previn and Gabriel Patterson, each with their own extraordinary skills and willing to risk it all for the love of adventure. Their methods may not be orthodox and they might risk their own safety, but they always get the job done. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Trapped 01x22
Adventure Inc is having lunch in France when an intruder enters and hides a computer disc on the property. Intelligence agents show up and demand the disc - and don't plan on leaving any witnesses.
Point of No Return 01x21
While stealing the Crucible of Geber from a gangster's home, Gabe finds a woman being held captive and rescues her. But Ana wasn't in distress, and turns on her would-be saviors.
The Price of the Oracle 01x20
When an ex-girlfriend ends up in the hospital with a fever that puts her into a coma, Judson sets out to find out what happened to her.
The Last Crusader of San Giovanni 01x19
The team seeks the treasures of the Knight's Templar on behalf of the Vatican.
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King 01x18
Judson is lured to an island and worshipped as "the chosen one." But extortionists have other plans for him.
Spirit of the Mask 01x17
The team finds the Iron Mask of the Yeveh in West Africa, but it is stolen before they can return it.
Wave of the Future 01x16
The team thinks they have discovered a synthetic gill that would allow humans to breathe underwater. A search for the doctor who created the gill sends them to a mental hospital.
The Search for Arthur 01x15
The team helps search for the Isle of Avalon, the burial place of King Arthur.
Legacy of a Pirate 01x14
When a ring from a missing pirate treasure shows up at auction, Judson is accused of theft and smuggling.
Echoes of the Past 01x13
The CIA comes after Mac, who used to contract with them. Mac can't remember a lot of her time with the CIA, which leads to problems.

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