John Hannah stars as maverick, booze-addled DCI Jack Cloth in Charlie Brooker's original comedy that tickles and twists crime drama cliches. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Too Cloth for Comfort: Part Two 03x02
Jack and his team close in on the killer, but discover that it's not who they expected. However, since they didn't expect it to be anyone in particular, they're not really surprised.
Too Cloth for Comfort: Part One 03x01
Jack's brother Terry turns up dead, and the trail leads to a Healery led by a mysterious doctor. Meanwhile, Des bonds with the team's newest member, Kerry Newblood.
Undercover Cloth: Part Two 02x02
Jack and his team try to discover who the Big Man is, and learn what Macratty is really trying to steal.
Undercover Cloth: Part One 02x01
After Todd Carty is viciously gunned down by bank robbers working for the mysterious crime boss Mike Macratty, Jack comes out of retirement to work with Tom Boss--the man who killed Jack's wife Kate--and bring Macratty to justice by going undercover to find him.
The First Case: Part Two 01x02
Thanks to a clue given by the spirit of his dead wife, Jack discovers who the killer is... and his connection to Kate's death.
The First Case: Part One 01x01
After the death of his wife, DI Jack Cloth is called back to investigate a series of mysterious sword murders... and someone's responsible!

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