A Gentleman's Dignity is a drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It tells the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure. Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue, has a romantic relationship with strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games. Im Tae San is dating a cold-hearted woman but wonders if there is someone else out there for him. Choi Yoon tries to heal his heart after losing his wife seven years ago. Lee Jung-rok marries an older woman for money but may lose his comfortable lifestyle in a divorce. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 20 01x20
Episode 19 01x19
Although he was initially angry, Tae-san is willing to accept his sister's relationship under one big condition.
Episode 18 01x18
Yoon is finally able to confess his feelings for Maeri. Do-jin is able to impress Yi-soo's co-workers by treating them to dinner.
Episode 17 01x17
After all of his unsuccessful attempts to push her away, Do-jin is open to the possibility of having a relationship with Yi-soo. The other couples continue to move forward.
Episode 16 01x16
Yi-soo is struggling to accept the reality of Do-jin's relationship with Colin, but in time she comes to a decision to fight for her relationship. In a strange turn of events, Colin is sent to Yi-soo's school and is placed in her homeroom.
Episode 15 01x15
Yi Soo is still hurting but she's in the mood for revenge. Jung-rok, Tae-san and Yoon are adjusting to having a new family member but end up accidentally embarrassing him.
Episode 14 01x14
As each person wonders about Colin's paternity, each couple experiences their own set of misunderstandings and unnecessary accusations are thrown.
Episode 13 01x13
Tae-san continues to struggle with the idea of Meari and Yoon's age difference and he is unwilling to accept their love for each other. In the meantime, the guys can no longer ignore Colin and have to make a decision.
Episode 12 01x12
Tae-san and Se-ra find themselves at odds and end up getting into the biggest fight of their relationship.
Episode 11 01x11
Do-jin and Yi-soo manage to clear the air, but Do-jin wants to balance out the relationship. In order to even the score, Do-jin creates a checklist of one-sided tasks for Yi-soo to complete.

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