A secret branch of the NSA travels through time using a device found at Roswell. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Live: From Death Row 03x22
When a General is killed in an air show accident, Parker Backsteps, but instead uses it to save a wrongfully convicted friend on Death Row.
Born in the USSR 03x21
A deadly gas leak kills thousands of Russians and leading to a coup and power vacuum. When Olga is payed a visit from a former lover seeking her help with the Russian time travel program, she puts the world in peril.
Sugar Mountain 03x20
When several people including the Canadian Trade Minister are killed in a mysterious fire. Bradley learns from the CIA that the fire was caused by a secret weapon which has fallen into the wrong hands.
The Brink 03x19
An attack with a laser weapon leaves thousands of concert attending teens permanently blind, with a trail leading Parker back to the Hansen Island mental institute.
The Final Countdown 03x18
As tensions with North Korea increase, the by-the-book commander of an American nuclear silo fires a missile despite incomplete information, causing a war. Parker must travel back to try and convince the man what is the right action to be taken.
Kansas 03x17
A freak accident during some tests on the sphere, accidentally send Parker into alternate universe where the government is authoritarian and the NNL base is commanded with deadly force.
Empty Quiver 03x16
When someone sets a nuke goes off, Frank is being sent back to avert it. They give him what info they could get on who might have done it. However because of a mistake on Frank's part, the sphere gets sent back without Frank.
Crystal Blue Persuasion 03x15
The only survivor of a secret NASA space mission to inspect an alien craft, returned hero Commander William Streck comes to Never Never Land to brief the Back-Step team on his alien experience.
Revelation 03x14
The First Freshman 03x13
When the President's daughter who's a wild child is killed, and the Presdient is depressed, Frank is sent back to save her. Frank saves her but she's still wild which exacerbates the Secret Service Agent assigned to her.

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