60 Minutes has been on the air since 1968, beginning on a Tuesday, but spending most of its time on Sundays, where it remains today. This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events. 60 Minutes has set unprecedented records in the Nielsen's ratings with a number 1 rating, five times, making it among the most successful TV programs in all of television history. This series has won more Emmy awards than any other news program and in 2003, Don Hewitt, the creator (back in 1968), was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, along with the 60 Minute correspondents. Added to the 11 Peabody awards, this phenomenally long-lived series has collected 78 awards up to the 2005 season and remains among the viewers top choice for news magazine features. Add to my shows

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The Promise of Plasma | Spilling Across the Border | Perseverance 52x31
The Promise of Plasma – Until new drugs are found to treat COVID-19, one of the more effective treatments has been plasma therapy. Bill Whitaker reports on how doctors are taking the blood plasma of COVID-19 survivors, and the virus-fighting antibodies in it, to create the life-saving therapy. Spilling Across the Border – Lesley Stahl reports on raw sewage that is entering Southern California's coastal lands and waters from Tijuana, Mexico, just over the border. Perseverance – In the most ambitious Mars rover mission yet, NASA hopes to launch Perseverance this summer to find evidence of ancient life on the "Red Planet." Anderson Cooper reports. 

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Chairman of the Federal Reserve | Whistleblower | The Reckoning 52x30
Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Fed Chair Jerome Powell tells Scott Pelley what the government and the Federal Reserve need to do to weather the unprecedented economic crisis precipitated by the pandemic. Whistleblower – A top government virologist says he was removed from his crucial role leading a unit fighting the pandemic because he spoke out against the administration's advocacy of a drug unproven to help COVID patients. Norah O'Donnell talks to whistleblower Rick Bright in his first television interview. The Reckoning – Jon Wertheim takes a look at some of the possible changes spurred by the coronavirus pandemic's profound effect on society. Jon Wertheim reports.
Pandemic Politics | Amazon | Ghost Guns 52x29
Pandemic Politics – Is politics preventing the scientific community from doing crucial research that could help find a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus? Scott Pelley investigates. Amazon – The internet giant continues to take orders and send millions of packages each day, but some of its workers say Amazon isn't keeping its workforce safe. Lesley Stahl reports. Ghost Guns – They are virtually untraceable weapons that can be made at home using legally purchased parts. Ghost guns have turned up in criminal cases in most of the country, reports Bill Whitaker, in this year-and-a-half investigation.
The Jobless | Where Does the Money Go? | The State of Texas 52x28
The Jobless – The prospects of finding a job in America in the time of the virus has become increasingly daunting. Scott Pelley reports on job seekers who the pandemic prevents from sharing a handshake and a smile with potential employers. Where Does the Money Go? – Some farmers affected by the pandemic shutdown were already hurting. They lost their export market to China in retaliation for trade war tariffs and then watched most of the U.S. trade relief payments go to the largest farms. Lesley Stahl reports. The State of Texas – Texas, like other states, is beginning a slow, gradual re-opening of business. But health care providers in rural areas tell Sharyn Alfonsi if COVID-19 outbreaks get worse, their financially fragile health care systems could become overwhelmed or even close.
On the Line | Outbreak Science | The Unseen Enemy 52x27
On the Line – Norah O'Donnell reports on the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on automakers Ford and GM, and their transformation from making cars to making ventilators and other medical supplies. Outbreak Science – Mapping technologies driven by artificial intelligence are helping airlines, health officials, and governments to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Whitaker reports on the new data gathering methods that point to the future of contagion mapping. The Unseen Enemy – The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the U.S. military readiness to fight, making it cope with a new and potent enemy. The Army was forced to suspend taking in new recruits until it overhauled basic training, major exercises were canceled, and a front-line aircraft carrier was sidelined. David Martin reports.
Life and Death | Feeding the Front Line | The Crown Prince of Kabuki 52x26
Life and Death – More have died from COVID-19 in New York City than anywhere else in America. Scott Pelley reports on the enormous task of handling an unprecedented number of bodies each day. Feeding the Front Line – World-famous chef Jose Andres has used his expertise to become an important food resource in times of crisis. Anderson Cooper reports on how the chef has stepped up once again, by harnessing restaurants in a massive effort to feed those most affected by the pandemic.The Crown Prince of Kabuki – 60 MINUTES cameras capture the pageantry of Japan's centuries-old theater art marked by elaborate make-up and stylized dances. Jon Wertheim reports from Japan.
Short Supply | Staying Well | The Resurrection of St. Nicholas 52x25
Short Supply – Bill Whitaker reports on the short supply of protective gear nurses and doctors need to prevent their own infection with COVID-19 and whether the shortage should have been anticipated. Staying Well – In addition to the victims it sickens and often kills, the novel coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted nearly everyone in some way. John Dickerson explores how people are coping with anxiety, sadness, and grief. The Resurrection of St. Nicholas – From the ashes of Ground Zero, the small Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas is slowly being rebuilt as both a church and national shrine. After years of overcoming obstacles, the church's reopening scheduled for next year is serving as both a beacon and some kind of miracle. Scott Pelley reports.
Critical Condition | Talking to the Past 52x24
Struggling in a coronavirus-ravaged economy; And, Holocaust survivors will be able to share their stories after death thanks to a new project
State of N.Y. | Brené Brown | The African Basketball Trail 52x23
State of N.Y. – New York City is the hot spot for the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., which scientists say still has not peaked. Will its hospitals be able to handle the onslaught of cases? Scott Pelley reports. Brené Brown – This researcher and best-selling author teaches people how to handle feelings of vulnerability and shame. Bill Whitaker profiles Professor Brown, whose message is now helping people cope with the pandemic.The African Basketball Trail – The novel coronavirus has led to the suspension of the college basketball tournament and the NBA, symbols of glory and success often used to entice young African teenagers to come to the U.S. to play. One example, 7'6" Celtics player Tacko Fall, came here when he was just 16. Jon Wertheim reports on shadowy operatives and fly-by-night schools whose schemes lead to broken dreams and financial loss for the majority of the teens. 
Stopping the Coronavirus | Neel Kashkari | A Populist Movement 52x22
Stopping the Coronavirus – Bill Whitaker reports on the urgent scientific race to develop a vaccine and find drugs that can thwart the coronavirus and the deadly illness it causes. It's a global effort unfolding at breakneck speed. Neel Kashkari – Scott Pelley interviews the banker who oversaw the government's response to the Great Recession in 2008. Now the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Kashkari provides insight on the economic impact of COVID-19. A Populist Movement – Hungary's populist government is spending billions to encourage women to have more children to solve its demographic problem. At the same time, it has built fences to keep immigrants out. Critics of the right-wing government are outraged. Jon Wertheim reports.
Chasing Coronavirus | Children of Flint | King of the Road 52x21
Chasing Coronavirus – Scott Pelley reports on how New York is dealing with the pandemic. Children of Flint – Five years after the Flint water crisis, there are still long lines for water and new evidence of the long-term health impact on the city's children. Sharyn Alfonsi reports. King of the Road – Jon Wertheim looks at driverless truck technology, which is already being tested on the open road and will go live on the nation's highways sooner than many think.

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