Bedfordshire Police allowed more than 80 cameras to follow their work for this landmark documentary series from the makers of 24 Hours in A&E. Add to my shows

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What Lies Beneath 07x06
The police receive a call from a young man claiming that there are body parts buried in the garden of a house on an estate in Luton. A search team is dispatched but they face a wall of silence at the scene. Detectives suspect that it is a fantasy but, more worryingly, they may be being deliberately drawn into a long-running and brutal tit-for-tat gang war. Cameras follow every twist and turn of the case as it escalates further when the mother of the young man is stabbed in the chest. Police begin investigating the case as an attempted murder. This is real-life crime drama at its most intense.

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Fifty Shades of Abuse 07x05
Officers from Bedfordshire Police are called in when a teenager is rushed unconscious to A&E with injuries that suggest she's been tied up and then assaulted. When she comes round she says that her injuries, which include a fractured skull, were sustained during drunken sex with her boyfriend, but before officers can fully investigate, she disappears from hospital. With the victim untraceable, the police declare her a high-risk missing person. Cameras follow every twist and turn of the investigation.
A Second Chance 07x04
A woman calls the police to a block of flats in Luton, where a bloody hand print is found on the wall, and a disturbing case unfolds.
A Knife Through the Heart 07x03
A man lies dying in the street from a stab wound to his heart. A friend at the scene is desperate to find out if he will survive, but it's now a crime scene and he's not allowed to see the victim. Paramedics can't save the man so the police begin a murder inquiry, and they believe the friend may be able to tell them what happened. But they know that without his co-operation they may struggle to prove their case. Cameras follow in intimate detail a tragic case with a surprising and disturbing twist. This is real-life crime drama at its most intense.
The Kane Line 07x02
This episode has unprecedented access to a major covert surveillance operation, which culminates in 10 simultaneous armed dawn raids against organised crime gangs.
Body in the Grass 07x01
A woman's body is found in overgrown grassland. When detectives inform her partner of her death, his behaviour marks him out as the chief suspect.
Too Close for Comfort 06x06
A woman has reported to police that she's living in fear because she believes a man who she once regarded as a friend has begun to stalk her. The police are only too aware that they've got to act in case the situation escalates out of control, so they arrest him. One in five women say they've been a victim of stalking, and tougher sentences have recently been introduced to tackle the crime. But the man denies that he's a stalker. Cameras follow the victim and the prime suspect as they argue over whether he has crossed a line and their friendship has now turned into an unhealthy obsession. Police unpick the case as they try to work out who's telling the truth and whether they have the evidence they need to charge the suspect.
Frequent Flyers 06x05
The police search for a couple who they believe have exploited a young, vulnerable woman by taking over her flat to use it as a drugs base.
Shallow Grave 06x04
Police are digging in the back garden of a house in Luton searching for the body of a woman who disappeared in 2003. They believe a painstaking fingertip search might reveal vital clues in a suspected murder enquiry. Natalia Wilkanowska's disappearance left detectives from the Major Crime Unit puzzled and frustrated with the lack of answers to their questions. Without answers the family can't lay her memory to rest and properly grieve. Cameras follow every extraordinary twist and turn of an investigation where detectives have decided it's time to solve the job by turning up the heat on their suspects. This is real-life crime drama at its most intense.
Left for Dead 06x03
A man lies dead in a park in Peterborough. The position of his body raises intense suspicions but rigor mortis has already set in and the trail of evidence is going cold. Who is the victim and how did he come to be dumped overnight in open ground? Detectives are called in to investigate. Cameras follow every extraordinary twist and turn of the investigation as the job of working out this real whodunnit becomes the priority for the Major Crime Unit. Bafta Award-nominated 24 Hours in Police Custody follows Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police's detective work around the clock in forensic detail as officers race against time to investigate major crimes, disentangle evidence and build a case, which they then put to their suspects in interview. This is real-life crime drama at its most intense.
Car Attack 06x02
At 4.30am on a Saturday, Bedfordshire Police are called to Dunstable Town Centre, where a man has driven a car into a group of revellers outside a kebab shop before fleeing on foot. His victim has been left unconscious with life-threatening injuries and the police's only lead is the car. With a suspect on the loose, cameras follow every twist and turn of the investigation, as the urgent job of tracking him down is handed to the Criminal Investigation Department.

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