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Episode 3 23x03
A 63-year-old builder falls from a great height while working on a construction site, and his daughter shares her stories of the sacrifices he made for her. Doctors fear a teenager who has been hit by a car may have sustained brain injuries, while a man who collapsed while playing golf talks about his unconventional upbringing in Kenya and how he had to adapt to fulfill his dreams.
You Can't Buy Love 23x02
Harriet is rushed to St George's when the 13-year-old is knocked off her bike. Twelve-year-old Adam has a deep wound in his groin after falling from a tree and impaling his leg.
Count on Me 23x01
It's another hectic day at St George's as a patient is airlifted in after being knocked unconscious. And 78-year-old Ted has fallen down the stairs and seriously hurt his head.
Episode 9 22x09
Look backing at some of the most memorable stories filmed at King's College Hospital, including a young woman who had been knocked unconscious in an attack on her way home. Elsewhere, 91-year-old Rose is rushed to King's with a suspected stroke, and reminisces about the strength and resilience of her own grandmother, and a junior doctor talks about his background growing up in Liverpool.
Episode 8 22x08
Featuring the stories of three patients filmed at St George's in south London, including a retired air stewardess who was rushed into hospital after seriously cutting her leg as her best friend's 70th birthday party. Monica arrives in A&E with hip pain, and talks about growing up in Trinidad and her early years working in the UK as a nurse, and patient Christine has stroke-like symptoms and is suffering with tremors on the left side of her body.
Episode 7 22x07
A look back at some of the most memorable stories filmed at King's College Hospital in South London, featuring two patients seen after life-threatening accidents, and a third who is elderly and evokes feelings of loss, happiness and pride for an onlooker in the waiting room.
The Show Must Go On 22x06
Barbara arrives at St George's with a dangerously high heart rate. John woke up and couldn't feel his leg. And Suzy has come to A&E after being badly bitten by her dog.
Ever Decreasing Circles 22x05
James is rushed to St George's after a head-on car crash. Margaret's had a fall, but her daughter has tales to tell of her mother's adventurous life in London in the swinging 60s.
Skin Deep 22x04
A 14-year-old is rushed in after falling head first off her bike. A 56-year-old man can't breathe due to an ear infection. And a plasterer has had a serious accident at work.
Dear Father 22x03
An episode following the stories of fathers and sons and the bonds between them. John is rushed into St George's with a life threatening abdominal aortic aneurism. As the doctors work out whether they can save the 77-year-old's life with emergency surgery, his only son discusses the prospect of losing his father. Elsewhere, cameras follow Jamie, whose motorbike collided with a car on a motorway slip road on his way to work, and carpenter Noel arrives in A&E after partially amputating his thumb.

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