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Episode 5 22x05

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Skin Deep 22x04
A 14-year-old is rushed in after falling head first off her bike. A 56-year-old man can't breathe due to an ear infection. And a plasterer has had a serious accident at work.
Dear Father 22x03
An episode following the stories of fathers and sons and the bonds between them. John is rushed into St George's with a life threatening abdominal aortic aneurism. As the doctors work out whether they can save the 77-year-old's life with emergency surgery, his only son discusses the prospect of losing his father. Elsewhere, cameras follow Jamie, whose motorbike collided with a car on a motorway slip road on his way to work, and carpenter Noel arrives in A&E after partially amputating his thumb.
The Sound of My Voice 22x02
This episode follows the stories of three patients and how they cope when life takes an unexpected turn, including a patient who severed three of his fingers with an electric saw. Elsewhere, a man with motor neurone disease is rushed to St George's with severe sepsis, and a teenager struggles to come to terms with the impact of serious injuries he sustained in a car crash six weeks ago.
The Missing 22x01
Return of the documentary following life inside an A&E department. The series begins with the story of 22-year-old police officer Hazel, who is rushed to St George's after crashing her motorbike while out on a ride with her father. Meanwhile, 86-year-old John is admitted to A&E with a suspected `triple A" - a ruptured aortic aneurysm in his abdomen, a condition that can be fatal. The doctors must work quickly to diagnose the cause of the internal bleeding, but their investigations reveal further complications. John's children share the story of their father's life, and his surprising secret that sent shockwaves through the family.
Episode 8 21x08
Episode 7 21x07
Episode 6 21x06
Episode 5 21x05
In Safe Hands 21x04
Sammy has anorexia. The 16-year-old is in paediatrics with dangerously low blood pressure, while 66-year-old carpenter Ray fell onto concrete working on a building site.
Never Let Me Go 21x03
This episode meets families who've endured life-changing tragedy and explores how grief can shape lives. And nine-year-old chatterbox Rezwan has a rash on his ankle.

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