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Episode 16 18x16

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Children of Men 18x15
Bridget is in the urgent care centre, with her dad, after suffering painful and swollen tonsils. Sixteen-year-year old George is rushed to resus with a life-threatening bleed on the brain.
Call of Duty 18x14
Jahan has severe chest pains, which doctors think could be a heart attack. His daughter reveals how he fought in the Iranian Revolution and the effect that it had on his life.
The Survivors 18x13
After a collision with a tree, Ranjan, who's 64, is transferred to St George's. Callum, who's 20, has mysteriously collapsed, and four-year-old Scarlett has hurt her leg.
You're All I Need to Get By 18x12
Paul, who's 66, is brought to A&E with a dangerously high heart rate; Nicky has a swelling in her throat; and seven-year-old Kit has injured his chest in a golf buggy.
Fix You 18x11
Greg has been knocked off his motorbike and has critical injuries to his arm and leg. Cara, who's 11, has fallen from a human pyramid doing gymnastics and has a badly broken arm.
The Kids are Alright 18x10
Cyclist Ollie, who's 16, has been in a traffic accident. Dominic's throat has been bleeding badly after he had his tonsils out. Narayan's six. He has paper stuck deep in his ear.
You Before Me 18x09
Junior, who's eight, has been hit by a car and has an open leg fracture and suspected internal bleeding. Anthony has suffered chest pain at the races and has a dangerously high heart rate.
The Outsiders 18x08
This episode meets the St George's specialist stroke team. Meanwhile, Steven has severe stomach cramps, and 16-year-old Aaliyah's fingernail has been badly damaged in a fight.
Too Close for Comfort 18x07
Brooke, who's 12, has gone into respiratory arrest after having a severe asthma attack. Howard has burns from trying to put out an explosion in his shed. Cyclist Colin has fractured his collarbone.
I'll Stand By You 18x06
Jeremy is airlifted to hospital after a collision while riding his bike, Allen has fallen down a flight of stairs, and student James has cut his arm in a skateboarding accident.

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