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Episode 8 18x08

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Too Close for Comfort 18x07
Brooke, who's 12, has gone into respiratory arrest after having a severe asthma attack. Howard has burns from trying to put out an explosion in his shed. Cyclist Colin has fractured his collarbone.
I'll Stand By You 18x06
Jeremy is airlifted to hospital after a collision while riding his bike, Allen has fallen down a flight of stairs, and student James has cut his arm in a skateboarding accident.
Mother's Little Helper 18x05
Charley-Ann has part of an earring stuck in her ear. Michelle is rushed to A&E with suspected sepsis. And Benoit, who's nine, has abdominal pains. Doctors are concerned that it may be appendicitis.
The Extra Mile 18x04
Xintong has been flung from a go-kart at speed and doctors are concerned that there may be damage to her spine. Gary has enormous swelling in his finger, which he trapped between shopping trolleys.
Roll with the Punches 18x03
Forty-year-old Tania is in resus after being knocked over by a car, 77-year-old Edwin is rushed to A&E bleeding from a tumour, and footballer Lilli has damaged her eye socket.
Leap of Faith 18x02
Emergency consultant Ahmed rushes to save the life of a woman with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, while ensuring that the other patients in busy resus also get the attention they need.
From This Day Forward 18x01
On royal wedding day, the patients at St George's - including David, who's fallen from a ladder, and John, who's fallen down the stairs - and their relatives reflect on love, devotion and commitment.
A Road Less Travelled 17x08
Paul has been in a collision with a van. Four-year-old Jeremy is struggling to breathe; he has a series of chronic conditions including microcephaly and epilepsy.
Look Both Ways 17x07
Finn has been hit by a car while he was out jogging. Three-year-old Alf has been hit by a car too. Dave has fallen from a ladder.
Walk on the Wild Side 17x06
This episode features people who've faced challenges and transformed their lives. Nicole was born a man and used to be a pop star. She's burnt her foot with caustic soda.

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