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Episode 11 15x11

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Someone To Come Home To 15x10
My Other Half 15x09
Three-year-old Clara has a chickpea stuck up her nose. Danny has fallen 20 feet through a skylight. Tara has severe abdominal pains. Her husband keeps her entertained in A&E.
Safe Haven 15x08
Judy is airlifted to St George's after being trampled by cows while she was walking her dog. Tamzen has broken her leg at trampoline practice. Hermione has cut her hand at work.
Live for Today 15x07
Aiden has hurt his feet on the monkey bars at school. Mark has come off his bike. Doctors are concerned that he may have life-changing damage to his spine. Dibs has fallen 10 feet off a balcony.
Child at Heart 15x06
Stephen has shown signs of a stroke. A van ran over Billy's chest when he was in a motorcycle accident. Two-year-old Freddie has jammed his thumb in a door.
The Good Fight 15x05
Hussnain is rushed to A&E after being caught up in an accident involving a police car chasing another vehicle. And wrestler Kieran comes in after injuring his knee in a bout.
Liberation Day 15x04
Tim came off his bike and has suspected spinal injuries. Jeanette is struggling to breathe. Mollie, who's 91, is in A&E after her daughter accidentally crashed into a lamp post.
The Underdogs 15x03
The hospital has one of the busiest A&E departments in Britain, which is under more pressure than ever. It's a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day. Tony, who's 48, was riding pillion with his father when their motorbike was involved in a crash. Both he and his father are badly injured and Tony is flown in to St George's by emergency helicopter. Alison, who's 31, is transferred from another hospital after being kicked with such force by a horse that her leg was broken. And keen cyclist Harry, who's 12, also arrives with leg injuries, after being involved in a 10-bike pile-up at a velodrome.
Born to Be Wild 15x02
This episode explores the chances that people take in life and whether a gamble ever pays off. Megan, who's 20, is rushed to St George's after being involved in a high-speed car crash. As doctors work to assess her injuries, it becomes clear how her hedonistic lifestyle has put her at risk. James, who's 78, is transferred from his local hospital with suspected internal bleeding. And 40-year-old Jibraeel has lodged a cotton bud in his ear.
Every Cloud... 15x01
Maria, who's 52, suffers from MS and has been brought to resus with suspected sepsis. As doctors work to regulate her temperature, her husband Duncan talks about their life together and how they supported each other through her diagnosis. Eve, who's 83, is in A&E with her husband John after she fell down the stairs into her basement. She has an open ankle fracture that needs urgent realignment to restore the blood flow to her leg and foot. And six-year-old Grace has come to hospital with her dad Ben after getting a piece of tissue stuck in her ear.

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