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Episode 2 16x02
Jacob, who's 20, has crashed his car into a wall at high speed. Joan, who's 82, has fallen down the stairs. Young Jackson has a suspected infection on his cheek.

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Value of Life 16x01
Justin has a potentially life-threatening bleed on his brain following a football accident. Rich has been in a car crash and can't move his legs. His pregnant girlfriend rushes to be by his side.
Love's Young Dream 15x18
This episode features three men who are all at varying stages of their lives and relationships and who are all supported in A&E by their partners. Fifty-three-year old Neil is rushed in with severe chest and lung injuries after coming off his bike and being found unconscious. Michael, 40, is brought in with chest pain and a heart rate of up to 180bpm after collapsing on a golf course. And finally, George,27, and his girlfriend are in after he accidentally grazes his eye on a low hanging branch.
Down to Earth 15x17
Keen cyclist Stephen, who's 48, has severely damaged his ankle after coming off his bike deep in Surrey woods. Derek, who's 89, is rushed in after collapsing with a suspected stroke in his garden. The stroke team have to urgently decide whether or not to thrombolyse. And Bridget, who's 70, broke her wrist when she slipped on a mountain path in Greece.
A Friend in Need 15x16
Glyn's brought in after his leg's run over by a three tonne digger. John, who has severe sepsis, is admitted after a fall at home. And a toddler is brought in with diarrhoea.
Moving On Up 15x15
Zac has dislocated and fractured his ankle playing football. Doctors work swiftly to restore the blood flow to his foot. Ian has fallen off a lorry tailgate. Jayden has a swollen eye.
Heavens Above 15x14
Eddie has been weakened by chemotherapy and has severe sepsis. Ex-paratrooper Martin has sustained life-changing injuries in a paraglider crash. Graham's nose won't stop bleeding.
In the Line of Duty 15x13
Psychiatric nurse Christie has severe burns after being attacked by a patient. Joe's cousin accidentally stabbed him in the thigh. Freddie, who's two, has a pain in his eye.
Heart of the Home 15x12
Mother of six Lillian has extremely low blood pressure. Doctors treat her for sepsis and discover that she's in the latter stages of pancreatic cancer. She's joined by her husband of 58 years, Peter, and their granddaughter Kelly. Dennis, who's 78, is having difficulty breathing after he broke several ribs by tripping over a curb. And Carolyn, who's 32, bruised her neck and face when she slipped on wet decking on a night out with friends.
A Stubborn Kind of Fellow 15x11
Sydney has severe chest pains. Alan has fallen and fractured his elbow. John has been in a cycling accident. He went over his handlebars and was unconscious for 10 minutes.
Someone to Come Home to 15x10
Richard has fallen off a ladder while he was fixing his roof. Doreen has a serious infection. Five-year-old Cojo has injured his elbow while he was wrestling with his brother.

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