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Episode 7 17x07

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Walk on the Wild Side 17x06
This episode features people who've faced challenges and transformed their lives. Nicole was born a man and used to be a pop star. She's burnt her foot with caustic soda.
Man Down 17x05
Stanlie is airlifted to hospital after being impaled on a metal rod. Max and his two-year-old daughter Darcy have been involved in a bus collision.
Do the Right Thing 17x04
Katrina has injured her knee. Mark, who sustained brain damage in his twenties, is struggling to breathe. Three-year-old Thomas, who was born with a rare blood condition, has a high temperature.
The Cards We're Dealt 17x03
Four-year-old Milly has fallen on her face. Ten-year-old Ryan has fallen and badly damaged his spleen. Maureen, who has multiple system atrophy, is struggling to breathe through her tracheostomy.
A Change is Gonna Come 17x02
This episode features patients whose visions of the world are rocked by life-changing events. Sergio, who's 44, and Alan, who's 71, have both been badly injured in cycling accidents.
Acts of Love 17x01
This episode meets patients who do extraordinary things for the people they love, under complex and difficult circumstances. David has severe leg pain. Annie has been struggling to breathe.
I Will Survive 16x06
Aleks has fallen from her loft; as her husband arrives at the hospital, doctors are still unsure whether she's suffered permanent brain damage. Meanwhile, Ky has been knocked off her motorbike.
A Job for Life 16x05
Kitty, who's eight, has had two epileptic seizures and has a worryingly high temperature. Hitin has been assaulted on a night out, and doctors are worried that he has a bleed on his brain.
To Have and To Hold 16x04
Nikkita, who's 27, comes to A&E with her father after having a severe epileptic seizure. Plumber Sebastian has sliced the tops of his fingers off at work.
Inside Out 16x03
Clive, who likes to tell a joke or two, has breathing difficulties. Samuel has crashed his motorbike and been thrown into the road. And two-year-old Florence's parents think she has swallowed a coin.

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