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Episode 2 20x02

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Pressure Point 20x01
On one of the busiest days of the year at St George's, this episode focuses on motherhood, the incredible sacrifices made for our children, and what it means to have a family
A Life Less Ordinary 19x05
Lucy is rushed in after a severe seizure. Simon comes to A&E with severe neck pain. Two-year-old Sophie is in paediatrics after being sprayed in the face with a cleaning product.
In Love and War 19x04
Marion, who's 73 and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, is admitted with a life-threatening infection. Roy, who's 83, suffers multiple injuries after falling off his roof.
Go Your Own Way 19x03
Mark, who's 32, is rushed to St George's, suffering a head injury due to an epileptic seizure. Anastasia, who's 80, struggles to walk due to severe pain in her leg.
A Pillar of Strength 19x02
Mohammad, who's 43 and has Motor Neurone Disease, is rushed to St George's with severe sepsis, while 47-year-old David has suffered a significant leg injury.
Endless Love 19x01
The first episode in the new series follows two people who have come to the UK and made a home, as well as the story of a woman living with the legacy of cancer.
Saving Grace 18x16
Leslie (75) is rushed to A&E after suffering a stroke; Hannah (37) has pain in her spine after falling from her horse; and Isabella (six) hurt her neck falling from monkey bars
Children of Men 18x15
Bridget is in the urgent care centre, with her dad, after suffering painful and swollen tonsils. Sixteen-year-year old George is rushed to resus with a life-threatening bleed on the brain.
Call of Duty 18x14
Jahan has severe chest pains, which doctors think could be a heart attack. His daughter reveals how he fought in the Iranian Revolution and the effect that it had on his life.
The Survivors 18x13
After a collision with a tree, Ranjan, who's 64, is transferred to St George's. Callum, who's 20, has mysteriously collapsed, and four-year-old Scarlett has hurt her leg.

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