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Episode 4 21x04
Never Let Me Go 21x03
Someone to Lean On 21x02
Paramedics rush 86-year-old Filippo to St George's with a suspected stroke. Susan, who's 80, has fractured her leg. And teenager Tilly has hurt her ankle during gymnastics.
Nothing Can Divide Us 21x01
A man is airlifted to St George's with possible significant spinal injuries after a high-speed motorbike crash on the M4. A teen motorcyclist is also brought in following an incident.
Best Laid Plans 20x10
This edition follows the stories of people who have lived through tragedy and life-changing circumstances, exploring how they've overcome their loss and adapted to the new paths their lives have taken. Steve, 52, is rushed to St George's after falling over and hitting his head on a concrete step, while 21-year-old Fleur is assessed after she woke up with pain and swelling in her leg. Muffy, 72, is brought to Resus with slurred speech and weakness in her legs, and doctors suspect she may have suffered a stroke.
Pride & Prejudice 20x09
A 52-year-old cyclist is rushed in to St George's Hospital in Tooting after being hit by a car, while a 92-year-old former Baptist minister is admitted after a fall while out walking. Meanwhile, a painter and decorator has suffered a wrist injury that is proving challenging to diagnose.
Great Expectations 20x08
A teenager is rushed to hospital with a lacerated wrist after putting his hand through a pane of glass, an incident which leaves his father reflecting on his family history. Another patient discusses being diagnosed with a chronic condition that causes constant stomach pain, and a 76-year-old woman suffers severe shortness of breath and a tight chest.
Forever Changes 20x07
A woman is brought in with painful swellings in her legs, and recounts the story of how a tragic childhood diagnosis put an end to her dreams of becoming a professional gymnast. Other patients include a man who fell and hit his head on a concrete step, possibly suffering serious damage to his brain and skull, and a 72-year-old woman who may have suffered a stroke.
Circle of Life 20x06
A nine-year-old boy falls over and lands on his head, and is left unable to move his limbs. As he waits for the results, the boy's father shares his feelings on the challenges of parenthood. Elsewhere, an 80-year-old woman is brought in with a dangerously swollen tongue and a nine-year-old girl is treated after falling off a swing, leaving consultant Rahail considering how the balance of care between parents and children shifts over time.
Count My Blessings 20x05
Doctors are concerned that a 95-year-old woman may have suffered life-changing injuries to her hip and internal bleeding after falling down a flight of stairs, while the patient's daughter reflects on her mother's optimistic attitude to life's challenges. Elsewhere, a man knocked off his bike at 40mph may have suffered brain damage. His brother remembers a difficult time that brought them closer together.

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