Hosted by renowned chef Scott Conant, each episode of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle features dueling teams of aspiring restaurateurs who have 24 hours to conceive, plan and open their own restaurants for one night. On each team, one person handles front-of-house issues like decor, seating and service while the other manages back-of-house matters like menu planning, shopping and, of course, cooking. When the doors open, each restaurant serves a discerning group of diners along with Scott and a rotating panel of judges representing three areas of expertise: restaurant marketer, restaurant reviewer and restaurant investor. Based on the restaurant's concept, execution and viability, the judges choose a winning team who receive $10,000 seed money toward realizing their dream. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

City vs. Country 02x10
In this battle of the besties, two completely opposite teams compete for their dream restaurant while their personalities and opposing lifestyles bring extra heat to the kitchen. Dana Chaney, brand development director for a restaurant group, and Nikki Heaps-Martin, a personal chef and catering manager, bring their West Hollywood, Calif. sparkle to the kitchen as they move past their differences and work as friends to create their globally-inspired seafood restaurant, The Famished Lamb. From Dallas, Texas, best friends Marcus Thompson, a restaurant manager, and Fred Messick, an executive sous chef, are perceived as rough-around-the-edges but get serious with their edgy healthy comfort food restaurant, The Citizen.
Firehouse Cooks 02x09
The kitchens are blazing as firefighters work to open restaurants with the people closest to them. College fraternity brothers John Sierp II, firefighter and owner of a catering company in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jeffrey Waters, assistant general manager at an Atlanta restaurant, live far apart but their love of food and the restaurant industry has kept them bonded as they create their seafood and steakhouse restaurant called Seven-20. Twin brothers from Santa Rosa, Calif., Michael Graves, sales manager for a local trucking company, and Kris Graves, firefighter, use each other's strengths to help them open Enigma, serving comfort food classics with a touch of class.
Battle of Modern Cuisine 02x08
t's a battle at the cutting edge of the restaurant world as Miami boys Andres and Brian's molecular gastronomy competes with father/daughter team Michael and Geri's restaurant with a social conscience. Inventive orange ginger orbs and carbonated chocolate mousse square off against a fresh Mediterranean "chop-chop" salad and honey glazed lamb lollipops.
Grill vs. BBQ (Outback) 02x07
In a battle of the grills, authentic fajitas go head-to-head with down home brisket. Best friends Michael Christie, a caterer in La Crescenta, Calif., and John Dourisboure, a marketing manager from Burbank, Calif., travel around California educating and serving BBQ to the community but are ready to have their own TexMex restaurant called Texas Fajita Co. Wylie, Texas husband-and-wife team Michael Hunt, a forklift salesperson, and Katie Hunt, a food service sales representative, have been together through a lot of personal struggles but hope to overcome those by creating their dream traditional Texas BBQ restaurant called The Garage.
Themed Restaurant Battle 02x06
Aspiring restaurateurs take the theme restaurant to a new level as brothers-in-law Rob and Tom open their take on the German beer hall next door to roller derby girls Ann Marie and Carrie's rockin' gastropub. It's weinerschnitzel and currywurst vs. pork sliders and apple slaw in this battle to create an over-the-top diner experience.
Deli Battle 02x05
It's corned beef and pastrami time as two teams follow their dreams to create the ultimate deli. Friends Eric and Donna serve up own version of the Reuben Sandwich in their homey restaurant while brother and sister team Zach and Sasha are straight up New York with their brash "Izzy's Deli" concept.
Twins Battle 02x04
Twins Sylvia and Sandra go head to head with twins Daniel and David. The sisters are all tradition as they serve up tried and true recipes from their Spanish grandmother. How will it fare against the brothers' innovative take on comfort food? Will the time-honored paellas and croquettes hold up against the inventive peanut butter with bacon and fried mac and cheese? It's double trouble in this ultimate battle of sibling rivalry.
Asian Food Battle 02x03
It's Asian street versus Asian chic as farmer's market veterans Anna and Stephanie square off against seasoned chef Maiki and front of house whiz Meghna. Anna and Stephanie serve up Thai street food staples like bamee hang and khao tom while Maiki and her best friend of 17 years, Meghna, fuse their backgrounds into Vietnamese / Indian comfort food featuring new creations like samosa spring rolls and besan tempura cod.
Traditions Battle 02x02
It's a battle between two tried and true American cuisines with New Jersey diner boys Jonathan and Alexi pitting their blue plate specials against longtime friends Hope and Natalie's southern fare "with a flair." Will diner favorites like moussaka and cheesecake win out over fried game hen and delicate beignets?
Battle of the Exes 02x01
Exes Laura and Eric reunite to face off against another former couple, Michele and Davina. Both teams try to put aside their differences and work together to make their culinary dreams a reality. One serves up daring international dishes like bbq octopus while the other embraces traditional New England fare like clam chowder in an attempt to win the judges' hearts. And as tensions -- and lobsters -- boil over, one team discovers their flame hasn't quite been extinguished.

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