Set in Washington, DC, the series follows the residents of building number 227, a solidly middle-class apartment house located in a neighbor that is rapidly becoming gentrified with posh condominiums. Gibbs plays Mary Jenkins, a no-nonsense housewife. Mary's construction supervisor husband, Lester, is a caring, dependable father to their teenage daughter, Brenda. Mary's best friend is Rose Lee Holloway, a gossipy widow. The two pals love to sit on the stoop and discuss their lives and the lives of anyone else who happens to wander by. Sandra Clark is the building's resident vamp, a sashaying mantrap whose haughty attitude often sets her at odds with down-to-earth Mary. Pearl Shay is an elderly busybody who observes all of 227's comings and goings from her perch at the window of her first floor apartment. Rounding out the building's principal residents are Calvin, Pearl's seventeen year-old grandson (and Brenda's boyfriend), and Rose's daughter Tiffany. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

No Place Like Home 05x24
Mary and Lester try to help homeless citizens find work and shelter.
The Class of '90 05x23
Mary, suffering from appendicitis, shares a hospital room with an eccentric patient.
Nightmare on 227 05x22
Mary plays a "slasher" when the apartment building is rented for a horror film.
Gone Fishing 05x21
Julian fakes death to keep from losing the building.
You Gotta Have Art 05x20
Mary is hailed as a brave new artist following a cleaning mishap in an art gallery.
Do Not Pass Go (2) 05x19
While the gang continues their Atlantic City vacation, Mary discovers more about the infidelity of Rose's boyfriend.
Do Not Pass Go (1) 05x18
Mary witnesses the infidelity of Rose's boyfriend (Kevin Peter Hall) while on a trip to Atlantic City.
Knock It Off 05x17
Travis encounters a notorious gangster (Gary Coleman) after finding $250,000 in his limousine.
Play Christy for Me 05x16
When a boastful Lester gets his own radio show, Mary decides to burst his bubble.
Where Do We Go from Here? 05x15
Lester (Hal Williams) falls asleep in church and has a bizarre dream of his journey to heaven with Mary.

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