The ABC News primetime news magazine 20/20 has distinguished itself as one of the most esteemed programs in broadcast journalism. Celebrating its 36th anniversary this season, 20/20 continues to combine hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. The program is anchored by award-winning journalists Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. For over three decades 20/20 has offered viewers reports and stories that have changes lives. Add to my shows

season 37

The Hunter and the Hunted 37x55
As the sun rose across the sweeping savannas of Hwange National Park in Hwange, Zimbabwe, on July 1, Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer was just arriving in the country. Palmer had allegedly paid veteran safari guide Theo Bronkhorst at least $50,000 to help him bag a big lion in Zimbabwe. Palmer once boasted of having hunted big game around the world, including moose, deer, buffalo, mountain lions and even a polar bear, according to the New York Times. By the next day, Palmer killed 13-year-old Cecil, one of the world’s most famous lions and the biggest dominant male black-maned lion in Hwange National Park. Cecil the Lion: New Details Emerge Into the Moments Before He Was Shot by American Dentist Who Admitted Killing Cecil the Lion Sends Patients Letter About Incident. “I think came here,” Brent Stapelkamp, one of the lion researchers who had tracked Cecil with a GPS collar since 2008 as part of an Oxford University lion study, told ABC News’ “20/20.”
The War Next Door 37x54
Jewel Heist 37x53
Manhunt 37x52
When convicted murderers Matt, 48, and Sweat, 34, escaped from the maximum security on June 6, it launched a nationwide manhunt. When they escaped, Guess deployed a massive force involving more than 1,600 members of law enforcement from 11 different agencies all over the country for searches on the ground and in the air. The Titus Mountain Family Ski Center in New York was turned into a police command center. Their search zone just surrounding the prison spanned over “hundreds of square miles,” Guess said. The area around Dannemora, New York, where the Clinton Correctional Facility is located, is unforgiving terrain, with the Adirondack wilderness full of dark woods, deep ravines and high mountains.
Stranger Than Fiction 37x51
On Friday, 20/20 goes inside the stranger than fiction story that prompted unkind comparisons to the movie “Gone Girl”, a bizarre abduction plot even more riveting than the Hollywood movie. When Vallejo, California resident Aaron Quinn reported that kidnappers broke into his home, abducted his girlfriend Denise Huskins, and demanded a ransom, their story garnered national attention. The couple was initially accused by some investigators of staging the whole thing and Vallejo police eventually dismissed the case as an elaborate hoax after Huskins reappeared reportedly unharmed. Now, just this week, in a shocking twist, police have arrested Matthew Mueller, a disbarred Harvard-educated lawyer and US marine veteran who is now being linked to a crime with similarities in Dublin, California. But even more peculiar and disturbing details are emerging, the lingering question of whether he may have not acted alone and the FBI arrest warrant released with astonishing details surrounding the crime- the “wet suit” they say was worn by the suspect while he allegedly terrorized his victims - threatening to drug them with NyQuil, electric shock them and force them into a closet while he wore swim goggles. Then, there are the allegedly incriminating items police found in Mueller’s car and storage locker including women’s make-up, black duct tape, pliers, drones and a video camera. As more bizarre twists and turns emerge in the headlines every day, is this a widespread kidnapping ring? Are there more victims still out there who have not come forward?
Monster in My Family 37x50
What It Was Like to Grow Up With Dad Who Was 'Happy Face Killer'; Melissa Moore Recalls Learning Dad Was 'Happy Face Killer'; Daughter of 'Happy Face Killer' Meets Sister of Dad's Victim.
Hot Pursuit 37x49
Inside San Francisco's Bike Theft Epidemic; Woman Steals Guitar to Buy Food and Drugs; Honest Strangers Help Return Forgotten Tablet
Reversal of Fortune 37x48
The Wolfpack 37x47
For over a decade, a father keeps his seven children locked up in a small New York apartment.
Mystery in the Mansion 37x46
The Savopoulos D.C. mansion home invasion will be the focus of this ABC’s 20/20 episode. The episode, entitled “Mystery in the Mansion,” will detail the events leading up to the arson and murder of four people in a mansion located in the Northeast section of Washington D.C
Bad Blood 37x45
Kentucky Woman Shayna Hubers on Trial in Boyfriend’s Murder. Kentucky Detective Reenacts Moment He Found Ryan Poston's Dead Body. Kentucky Woman Shayna Hubers Seen Laughing After Boyfriend's Shooting Death. Video and 911 audio played in a Kentucky courtroom Tuesday featured Shayna Hubers describing the moment she fatally shot her boyfriend. Hubers, now 24, is accused of one count of murder in the October 2012 shooting death of her boyfriend, attorney Ryan Poston. She shot Poston six times. Prosecutors allege that she shot Poston out of anger after he tried to break up with her. Hubers has pleaded not guilty, saying Poston, a 29-year-old lawyer, was frequently violent, and that she shot him in self-defense.
The Sweetheart Swindle 37x44
Psychic Sets Trap to Con Oregon Timber Millionaire; Psychic Used Teen Daughter to Scam Timber Millionaire; Psychic Con Victim Forgives Those Who Stole Nearly $15M From Him
Who's Freeloading? 37x43
Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries; Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Nab Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash
To Catch A Fake 37x42
Undercover Agents Go on the Hunt for Counterfeit Drugs; Stores Advertising Cheaper Drugs From Canada Are Put to the Test; How Counterfeit Items Could Be Putting You and Your Family at Risk.
FLDS : A House Divided 37x41
Former FLDS Follower Describes Tense Standoff With FLDS Members Over Her Kids. When a throng of praying, hymn-singing polygamous women of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints confronted Sabrina Broadbent while she was getting her four children out of the church-dominated community, she tried to stay as calm as possible. “I knew my kids were watching,” she told “20/20.” “They needed to see me have courage. … I did not want them to see me cry.”
Love. War. Renewal. The Taya Kyle Story (aka: The Snipers Wife) 37x40
What 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Was Like as Husband, Father; Taya Kyle Returns to Where 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Died; ABC News' John Quinones: Lessons from 'What Would You Do?'
Bruce Jenner Interview 37x39
Barbara Walters Special- Interview with Bruce Jenner
Black Widow 37x38
A woman accused of poisoning her second husband with antifreeze and attempting to kill her daughter.
New Year's Day: The Shelby Wilkie Murder (aka: The Vanishing of Shelby Wilke) 37x37
Shelby Wilkie disappeared in January of 2012. According to her husband, she was last seen at their Moody Street home. He told law enforcement officials that his wife suffered from problems related to postpartum depression. Read more at
Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau & Vili Fualaau talk to Barbara Walters 37x36
How Interface Played on the Dreams of Parents and Children; Woman Lied About Having Emotional Illness So She Could Fly With Dog; High-Tech Repo Man Uses Drone, Gadgets to Catch Debtors
Confessions 37x35
How Interface Played on the Dreams of Parents and Children; Woman Lied About Having Emotional Illness So She Could Fly With Dog; High-Tech Repo Man Uses Drone, Gadgets to Catch Debtors
Occupational Hazards 37x34
Terror on the Trestle 37x33
Video Shows Train involved in death of a Midnight Rider' Crewmember; Director Headed to Jail for 'Midnight Rider' Crewmember's Death; Robert Durst's Alleged Trail of Crimes.
Fatigued Truckers and the Deadly Consequences 37x32
Deadly Impact: Guardrail Investigation; Victim's Parents Lead Effort to Prevent Train Track Deaths.
My Strange Affliction 37x31
Rare Syndrome Diagnosis May Exonerate Dad of Abuse Charges; Women Claim Brain Injuries Changed Their Sexual Appetite; Why These Women Can't Stop Pulling Out Their Own Hair.
Teen Goes Missing From Illinois Grocery Store 37x30
Co-Worker Found Guilty For Missing Teen's Murder; Man in Prison for Teen's Murder Says He's Innocent.
A Nation Of Women Behind Bars -A Diane Saywer Hidden America Special 37x29
Women Behind Bars and the Families They Left Behind; The Duel Between Inmates and Officers Over Prison Contraband; What Life Is Like For the Mentally Ill at Women's Prisons.
Twelve-Year-Old Found Close to Death With 19 Stab Wounds (aka: Slender Man Update) 37x28
Girls Attacked Friend to Be Worthy of 'Slender Man'; Police Hunt for Young Girls Accused of Stabbing Their Friend; Meet the 12-Year-Old Who Survived 'Slender Man' Attack
Couple Lives in Fear After Buying Their New House (aka Real Estate Roulette) 37x27
Woman Lives in Apartment with Ex-Husband and New Husband; Real Estate Agent Barely Escapes With Life After Attack by Client; Caught on Camera: Tree-Cutting Fails and Mishaps.
Family Secrets 37x26
Amy Robach reports on the story of an ex-White House lawyer convicted of attempted murder in the beating of his wife at their Connecticut home. Also: A young man found guilty of impersonating a physician is interviewed about leading a life as an impostor.
Designing Women 37x25
A woman convicted of stabbing her boyfriend to death with a high heel; a stalker who fixated on her ex and the people in his life; a mother accused of murdering her child's father with a hammer.
The Party’s Over 37x24
New details on the trial and conviction of Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey, former Vanderbilt University football players who were accused of sexual battery.
Two's Company... Three's a Crowd 37x23
A beautiful college student loved by two young men. Then, one vanishes. A frantic search uncovers his body, face down in a shallow grave in the swamps of Florida. After a two-year investigation, Pedro Bravo was accused of strangling his romantic rival and one-time best friend Christian Aguilar to death, and faced first degree murder. This murder mystery made national headlines and Bravo's trial was watched by millions. Aguilar's family speaks out about the jealous rage that cost a young college student his life. And the woman at the center of the tragic love triangle, Erika Friman, also breaks her silence with Matt Gutman.
Campus Confidential 37x22
A college student who became a confidential informant for campus police to avoid arrest for selling drugs dies of an overdose; sexual assault on college campuses.
Meet the Parents 37x21
A couple of parents plant drugs in the car of the PTA president; a couple who lost custody of their child because of marijuana use, even though it is legal in their state; a transgender couple raising two children in Louisiana.
Young N.C. Mother Found Dead in Her Own Home (aka: The Burning Bed) 37x20
Searching for Clues in Ashes of Murder Victim's Life; Police Make Shocking Arrest in N.C. Woman's Murder.
Police Set Up Sting to Foil Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot (aka: A Few of Our Favorite Stings) 37x19
Under cover and hidden camera investigations include murder for hire, handicapped parking fraud and shortcomings in the bedbug extermination industry.
Unfriended 37x18
Best Friends Last to See Teen Who Goes Missing; Police Suspect Missing Teen's Friends of Hiding Something.
Nasty Neighbors 37x17
Neighbors Engage in Border War Over Their Property Line; What Life Can Be Like When Your Neighbors Are Fraternities; Families Fight to Keep Pet Pigs Despite Neighbors' Complaints.
Suburban Family Turns to a Life of Crime 37x16
The Catt family resorts to a life of crime.
Home for the Holidays 37x15
After serving time for poisoning a child, Hannah Overton spends Christmas at home with her family.
Stephen Collins Describes 'Inappropriate' Encounter with 10-Year-Old 37x14
Baby Clings to Life After Flash-Bang Grenade Lands in His Crib; Woman Caught on Camera Taking Packages from Family's Doorstep; Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display.
Undercover and Hired to Kill 37x13
Man's Murder-for-Hire Plot to Kill Wife Backfires; NJ Mom Shops for Hit Man to Kill Love Rival.
The Sell Game 37x12
Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank Puts People to the Selling Test; Investigation: Some Home Alarm Salesmen Accused of Underhanded Tactics; Meet This 11-Year-Old CEO and Entrepreneur from Detroit
Hot Pursuit 37x11
Undercover Cops Catch a Bike Thief in the Act; Woman Steals Guitar to Buy Food and Drugs.
True Confessions 37x10
Who Can You Trust? 37x09
Florida Nurse Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault. Woman Discovers Own Friend Allegedly Stole $13k From Her; Mom on Crusade After Catching Nanny Shaking Her Daughter.
What It's Like to Be Engaged to a Porn Star 37x08
Stories featured include a 'My Fiancé is a Porn Star and I'm Okay with it' and 'Meet the Egg Whisperer Hosting Freezing Parties in Silicon Valley'.
Family Secrets 37x07
Do Your "&@#$%* Job! 37x06
Camera Assistant Killed in 'Midnight Rider' Train Accident; 911 Operators, First Responders in Hot Seat for Bad.
The Moochers? 37x05
Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Search for Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts.
The Truth is Somewhere Right Between the Lies 37x04
Woman Claims to Police Husband Was Killed by Intruder. TV Interview Leads to Woman Going on Trial for Murder; Bombshell Witness Takes Stand at Woman's Murder Trial.
Designing Women 37x03
Some women will go to extremes to get what they want. From hiring a hit man to killing their husbands to having inappropriate relations with high school students.
The Mystery on Johnsburg Road 37x02
How does a man end up spending the next 26 years of his life in prison, convicted for committing a murder at a grocery store with no body, no weapon, and no DNA linking him to the scene? That is exactly what happened to Mario Casciaro in 2013 when he was convicted of killing 17-year-old Brian Carrick, Casciaro's former co-worker and fellow stock boy almost 12 years earlier. Prosecutors were successful in getting a conviction on the very rare and controversial charge of murder by intimidation. Yet, could potentially explosive evidence, including key prosecution witness Shane Lamb recanting his story, help Casciaro prove his innocence? "20/20" follows the clues as the mystery unravels. ABC News Correspondent Ryan Smith's report, which includes exclusive prison interviews with Mario Casciaro who never testified in two trials, and Shane Lamb, who is behind bars for an unrelated crime
Out of the Woods 37x01
The parents of the 12-year-old who was stabbed 19 times by her friends talk about the experience.

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