The ABC News primetime news magazine 20/20 has distinguished itself as one of the most esteemed programs in broadcast journalism. Celebrating its 36th anniversary this season, 20/20 continues to combine hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. The program is anchored by award-winning journalists Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. For over three decades 20/20 has offered viewers reports and stories that have changes lives. Add to my shows

season 36

Road to Ruin 36x64
Deadly Impact: Guardrail Investigation; Fatigued Truckers and the Deadly Consequences; Victim's Parents Lead Effort to Prevent Train Track Deaths
Relationships From Hell: A Downward Slope 36x63
When a prominent free spirit from Colorado is found bludgeoned to death, multiple suspects emerge.
True Confessions 36x62
The former executive chef of former Gov. Bob McDonnell; a mechanic shares secrets of auto-repair.
Joan Rivers Dead at 81: The Life, Legacy of Comedic Icon 36x61
Barbara Walters Remembers Joan Rivers; Joan Rivers' Private Life Marked By Joy, Tragedy
Police Suspect Man Killed Son for Insurance Payout 36x60
Was House Fire Death of Man's First Wife a Murder?; Family Hopes Man Will Be Charged for Killing First Wife
Jury Delivers Verdict In Gainesville Love Triangle Murder 36x59
Neighbors from Hell 36x58
20/20 pulls the blinds back on the nastiest neighbors around
Strange Afflictions 36x57
From a disease that makes you feel and act drunk, to being allergic to noise, "20/20" reports on strange afflictions that can be debilitating.
The Life and Death of Robin Williams 36x56
A special program looking at the life and career of Robin Williams.
Surviving the Summer 36x55
The Girl in the Shower 36x54
Losing It 36x53
From Best Friends to Killers 36x52
The Live-In Nanny Who Won't Move Out 36x51
A look at home sellers nightmares.
The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery 36x50
A undercover report on lifeguards.
The Secret Life of Elliot Rodger 36x49
Barbara Walters presents an interview with the father of the Santa Barbara shootings.
How Far Would You Go? 36x48
A woman goes to unusual lengths to recover money lent to her ex; the world of underground poker with Molly Bloom; people who work as strippers to pay for college; cheaper, riskier alternatives to sperm banks and fertility clinics.
To Catch A Fake 36x47
How artists can get away with lip-syncing.
Burning Bed 36x46
The story of a real estate agent and a landowner, which turned to a case of murder.
Bad Romance 36x45
A look at hitmen and what drives them to kill.
The Children Who Break Away 36x44
A investigation into people suffering with OCD's.
True Confessions 36x43
A look at the production of counterfeit money.
Home Sweet Home 36x42
From unethical brokers and contractors to neighbors from hell, "20/20" reports on extreme real estate stories.
Losing It 36x41
20/20 looks at the stories of people who were pushed too far.
Moochers? 36x40
A look at con artists and scams. Included: fraudulent fortune tellers; people who faked injuries in order to claim disability benefits; celebrities whose family members take advantage of their wealth; and an IRS auditor who blackmailed a taxpayer for sexual favors.
Shameless 36x39
A look at examples of Shameless behavior featuring a man scamming a woman online. Plus a IRS agent taking sexual advantage of a client. How people got away with faking injuries to claim benefits. Teenagers using Instagram to make money. A man who took over a foreclosed mansion and tax deductions that are less then ordinary.
Designing Women 36x38
Featuring the couple who can't forgive a lady who pretended to be pregnant for them. Plus the woman in the stiletto murder and a woman's murder trial with similarities to the Jodi Arias trial.
With Parents Like These 36x37
20/20 Reports on Unusual and Sometimes Controversial Parenting Styles.
Teenage Decisions, Dire Consequences 36x36
20/20 reports on the questionable decisions some teenagers make and act on, leading to extremely dire consequences.
Extreme Quitters: Leaving a Job and Making an Impression 36x35
How do you survive working for a tough boss? What is your favorite office revenge fantasy? What are the hidden career killers? "Work Wars" - how to wage them and how to win them.
Does Mother Really Know Best? 36x34
Inappropriate parental behavior is examined. Included: a woman who allegedly asked her son to kill her estranged husband; a woman who breastfed her six-month old child while drinking in a bar; and fights between parents at their kids' sporting events.
Bum Luck 36x33
Author Carl Hiaasen was the guest. We see how a man going undercover brought a lottery winner's murderer to justice and how to analyze lottery numbers.
Sleeping With the Enemy 36x32
It was a cold case murder that "20/20" put back in the spotlight five years ago, leading to a bombshell decision in court just this week. In 2005, 25-year-old Janet Abaroa was found stabbed to death in North Carolina, her six-month son left unharmed in another room. Her husband, Raven Abaroa, said he discovered his dead wife's body after returning home from playing soccer that evening. Raven quickly moved to Utah with his son, and Janet's murder remained unsolved. While in Utah, Raven met and then married Vanessa Pond, a beautiful single mother. It is not long before wife number two feels she is in danger. Eventually, a new cold case detective starts looking for new clues, Janet's body is exhumed, and Raven is arrested and extradited back to North Carolina to stand trial. John Quinones' report includes exclusive interviews with Vanessa, the cold case detective who cracked the case, and Janet's sisters.
Stolen at Birth: A Decades-Old Mystery 36x31
ABC News' Barbara Walters and Brian Ross Update Their Exclusive Investigation of the Mystery of Paul Fronczak, the Chicago Baby Stolen Almost 50 Years Ago, Uncovering New and Riveting Leads.
Murder for Hire 36x30
In a "20/20" exclusive, David Muir rides along shotgun with the hit men hired to pull the trigger, only these assassins are really undercover Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents disguised as killers. These are not your ordinary crime fighters - they are special agents with a secret job posing as hit men to prevent contract killings. They foil the plots of those scorned lovers, bitter business rivals and evil-minded ex's who want someone they know eliminated. The report includes exclusive undercover ATF video of the set-ups and the stings -- conspiracies to commit murder all caught on tape.
True Confessions V 36x29
Get ready for a big dose of shocking disclosures from dry cleaners, nail salons, and movie theaters, to baggage handlers and movers, the people in your neighborhood reveal some surprising secrets of their trade.
On the Run 36x28
20/20 looks at the mystery behind young boys abducted by their own mother.
The Perfect Nanny 36x27
20/20 looks at the mystery behind Michele MacNeill’s death and the involvement of her husband.
Crossing The Line 36x26
20/20 Looks at extreme situations where people in authority took situations for their advantage.
My Strange Affliction 36x25
Children with obsessive compulsive disorder; families of children with schizophrenia share their experiences.
Young Guns 36x24
What Young Kids Do With Guns When Parents Aren't Around; Are Your Guns Truly Inaccessible to Your Kids?
The Almost Perfect Crimes 36x23
An interview with Anthony Curcio, who is serving out a six-year sentence for a 2008 robbery. Also: a man who impersonated his dead mother in order to collect her Social Security payments; a man who faked his own death.
Crossing The Line 36x22
20/20 Tells the story of a teacher and student's sexual relationship.
(Im)perfect Getaways 36x21
Travel mishaps are the focus. Included: pilot errors; modern-day stowaways; carbon monoxide in hotel rooms; plunges from cruise ships; and difficult airplane passengers. Also: Two baggage handlers reveal alarming things about what happens to luggage.
Teens These Daze 36x20
From a former college basketball star who faked her own kidnapping, to a teenager who returned home after a night of heavy drinking - to the wrong home, "20/20" reports on the pressures and sometimes deadly decisions of teenagers.
The Big Lie 36x19
A bride-to-be fakes her own kidnapping; a man pretends to be a Navy SEAL.
The Naked Truth: Tongue Patch Diet 36x18
Too Hot to Work: Fighting for Justice; The Mirror-Free Bride; Charity Angels
Shopping Confidential 36x17
Holiday stories of shopping and survival.
Suburban Family Turns to a Life of Crime 36x16
Matt Gutman reports on a story involving a father who allegedly robbed banks with his kids.
Nelson Mandela: A Man Who Changed the World 36x15
Anchored by David Muir and Robin Roberts, the hour will feature Alex Marquardt reporting from South Africa, details of Mandela's passing, world-wide reaction, plans for his funeral, and images of the day, as well as chronicle the long and eventful polarizing political and personal life of one of the 20th century's greatest figures.
President Obama and First Lady Address Criticism 36x14
Barbara Walters interviews President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. Also: Clips from interviews with past presidents are featured.
True Confessions IV 36x13
From veterinarians to movers to grocers to bartenders, get ready for a big dose of the shocking truth as "20/20's" team of correspondents get the dirt from the professionals we depend on, who confess what really goes on behind the scenes.
Home Sweet Home 36x12
Landlords From Hell, Sinkholes, Hoarders, Unusual Homes
Ex-Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Speaks Out 36x11
Elaborate lies, schemes and secret lives are exposed. Included: a young man who posed as a physician's assistant and, later, a police officer.
Stolen at Birth: A 20/20 Investigation 36x10
ABC News' Barbara Walters and Brian Ross Investigate the Mystery of Paul Fronczak, the Chicago Baby Stolen Almost 50 Years Ago
Was Levi Karlsen's Death Just an Accident? 36x09
A Suspicious Past Tragedy; Karl Karlsen Breaks Down; The Mystery Is Finally Solved
A Fiance With Nothing to Hide 36x08
On New Year's Day in 2009, Kelly Osborn's daughter Sheena was found dead in a Bradenton Beach, FL hotel room. When police found her hanging, they quickly classified the death a suicide. But according to Osborn, her daughter had everything to live for and was not suicidal. So she began a quest to get the death classified as a homicide and began her own investigation in search of the truth, which led her to Sheena's fiancé. David Muir reports on the evidence that was missed and the questions that were never asked. Is Osborn, in her grief, persecuting an innocent man?
Unbreakable: One Girl Changing the World 36x07
The story of Malala Yousafzai, and her courage against the Taliban.
Out of Bounds 36x06
What happens when you do something thoughtless, questionable, or just flat out wrong? Can a teacher, policeman, even a high school cheerleader survive the glare after they each allegedly crossed the line? "Out of Bounds," featuring an exclusive jailhouse interview with the high school cheerleader who engaged in a same-sex underage relationship that made national headlines
Former Marine's Death Arouses Police Suspicions 36x05
"20/20" reports on the ultimate cases of betrayal
The Neighbor Next Door 36x04
Neighbors terrorized by a bully in a bulldozer; a tiff over trees that became a deadly turf war; a high-tech neighborhood watch system... "20/20" pulls the blinds back on the nastiest neighbors around
Pageant Confidential: The Road to Miss America 36x03
A look at the history of the Miss America pageant and profiles of 2013 competitors as they go from state beauty queens to national contenders.
After Sex Scandal, Ex-Mayor Faces New Battle 36x02
Surprising New Revelation from Former Mayor Linda Lusk About Her Life after Being Accused of Having Inappropriate Contact with a Minor
Happily Ever After Ends Abruptly 36x01
In the Season 37 premiere, Jim Avila reports on a chiropractor whose fifth wife died from a blunt-force head injury in 2010.

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