The ABC News primetime news magazine 20/20 has distinguished itself as one of the most esteemed programs in broadcast journalism. Celebrating its 36th anniversary this season, 20/20 continues to combine hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. The program is anchored by award-winning journalists Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. For over three decades 20/20 has offered viewers reports and stories that have changes lives. Add to my shows

season 31

Episode 55 31x55
An update of the 2008 story concerning the lives of Amish teens following rumspringa, the rites of passage in which Amish teenagers face the modern world for a week before deciding whether or not they want to be baptized into the Amish church.
Episode 54 31x54
Jay Schadler reports on young teens who have been considered heroes: includes a 19-year old from the Denver area who lost his life after choosing to save his friend's life by jumping from a cliff and into a pool of water 65 feet below after she became disabled in the cold, roiling water known as the Potholes, in the western-Colorado canyonland on May 31, 2008. Also, included are home videos taken on that day.
Episode 53 31x53
A report on drunk driving, includes a Troopers recollection of his ex-wife's fatal outing which left their five year old dead. Then, John Stossel reports on Web sites which match up Sugar Daddies with women. Also, psychic kids who claim to talk to the dead.
Blown Away/Twisted Terror 31x52
A chronicle of the tornado which killed eight people and caused widespread damage after it hit the Parkersburg, Iowa area on May 25, 2008. Included is actual footage of the EE5 twister and eyewitness accounts by the residents. Report is told by Sam Champion.
Medical Mysteries 31x51
An episode filled with "Medical Mysteries," including a man in Philadelphia whose heart is outside his body. Christopher Wall survived many surgeries as a kid and now plays basketball. More segments include a case of autism; sleep-related eating disorder; a neurological condition which leads to paralysis; and a female sexual disorder which leads to pain during intercourse.
Out Of Control Spenders Turn to Money Detox 31x50
John Stossel visits a counseling center in Tennessee which helps people with money-related psychological problems get treated, which includes over-compulsive spending and cash hoarders, work-a-holics and financial enabling. Plus, Chris Connelly interviews convicted murderer Phil Spector's fourth wife, Rachelle. Then, with president Obama pushing his Healthcare Plan, John Stossel looks into whether insurance is really a good thing for us. Not caring what things cost could cause prices to skyrocket.
Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil 31x49
Charles Gibson explores the US oil industry, where he questions the oil reserve and finds out why oil prices fluctuate. Gibson also looks into the oil industries practices and what is being done to create alternate sources of energy, including bio-fuels.
Episode 48 31x48
A report on "hidden cancer" focusing on a California woman who after a freak accident discovered she had breast cancer: She fell on a knitting needle which became lodged in her chest, requiring surgery to remove it, and a follow up CT scan revealed the cancer.
General Motors: From Dream to Downfall 31x47
Bill Weir has a lighthearted conversation about cars with Tim Allen.
Remembering Michael Jackson 31x46
Honoring Michael Jackson's legacy.
Michael Jackson: The LIFE behind the MUSIC 31x45
A report on the shocking death of Michael Jackson, including the latest details and questions surrounding his life. Interviews of his closest friends and those who were around him in his final days, plus never-before-seen home movies of Michael and his children, and a look at his controversial changes in appearance through his lifetime.
Michael Jackson: The Man And His Music 31x44
Barbara Walters interviews Ryan O'Neal about the life and relationship with Farrah Fawcett.
The New Normal 31x43
An exploration of possible effects on American's attitudes, behavior and expectations due to the economic downturn. Next, a look at the job prospects for the newest MBA's, and how Icelander's are coping with their economic meltdown.
Episode 42 31x42
American Idol finalist Adam Lambert is interviewed; the trial of American college student Amanda Knox in Perugia, Italy, charged with murdering her roommate in 2007; John Stossel interviews Glenn Beck of FOX News; a profile of Jessica Forsythe, who survived being shot by her ex-boyfriend in 2007 because the bullets hit a metal plate used to repair her broken collarbone.
The Secret Nightlife of Teens 31x41
Two stories concerning teen drunk driving are featured. Drinking and partying at a house one night leaves a DeAnza community college star baseball player from California's Silicon Valley in a scandal in early 2007. A 17-year-old high school girl claimed to have been sexually assaulted, or was it consensual sex , as the players contend? Included is interviews with three women soccer players who came to her rescue. Next, Jessica Rasdall killed her best friend, Laura Gorman, in 2006 after crashing her car while drunk due to a night of partying. Rasdall has confessed her crime to more than 15,000 people since that fateful night. Despite her obvious remorse, she is called a hypocrite by the Gorman family. She also has been accused of a pattern of dangerous behavior, of having mixed alcohol and driving in the past. Is her speech heartfelt or is so only doing so to keep out of prison?
MISSING forever: What REALLY happened to Etan Patz? 31x40
An update of missing child, Etan Patz, a 6-year old who disappeared May 25, 1979 in Manhattan while awaiting his school bus. Includes an interview with Jose Antonio Ramos, a suspect for the crime who wound up in prison for another crime. Includes interviews with Etan's parents, Stan and Julie Patz.
Episode 39 31x39
A look at the video diaries which were made at a summer camp in Upstate New York for children with Tourette's Syndrome.
Vanished: Gone in 90 Seconds 31x38
Elizabeth Vargas reports on 11-year old Mikelle Briggs who disappeared in 1999. Mikelle was last seen in her Mesa, AZ hometown waiting for an ice cream truck just 90 seconds before she was reported missing.
You Can't Even Talk About It 31x37
From pregnancy discrimination laws to doing less for senior citizens, from farming endangered animals to letting athletes do steroids, John Stossel brings us his take on tough subjects in an hour-long report, "You Can't Even Talk About It."
Shocking Crime Shatters Family-Son Responsible for Masterminding Plot to Murder Family 31x36
Thomas "Bart" Whitaker, 23, grew up in a loving family where he was a bright, well-spoken boy, and later became a a scheming monster who directed a bloody ambush on his own family? And how does his father come to forgive him? Bart fled to Mexico after killing his mother, brother and wounding his father.
Black Widow 31x35
An examination into the strange murder case involving Stacey Castor, who was accused of killing her second husband and also made an attempt to poison her daughter, Ashley Wallace. Castor is also suspected of the death of her first husband. Castor claimed at her trial that her daughter was responsible for poisoning Stacey's second husband and then tried to attempt suicide.
Inside the World of Somali Pirates 31x34
A look inside the world of the Somali pirates. Who are they and why are they attacking the high seas? Also,Brian Ross investigation into the business practices of AIG; Monica Seles speaks candidly about her attack by a deranged fan and the eating problems and depression which followed.
If I Only Has A Gun 31x33
Diane Sawyer's report focuses on the access of guns inside the U.S., an examination of how effective a gun works while in a crisis and what some people find attractive about a gun. Also, a 10-year old boy reports on gun violence in Pahokee, Florida.
Episode 32 31x32
A report concerning Faylene Grant of Gilbert, AZ, who was found drowned in her bathtub in 2001 just after reconciling with her husband Doug, who says he ended an affair with the woman which is now his wife. Faylene had premonitions that she would be killed one day and is said to have known and approved of his relationship. At first her death was ruled accidental, but in 2005 Doug was charged with her murder.
Episode 31 31x31
Elizabeth Vargas interviews Aaron Spelling's widow, Candy, the mother of Tori Spelling. Plus, Jim Avila reports about two judges in Pennsylvania who allegedly took kickbacks worth over $2 million to send teens to private detention centers. Next, Cynthia McFadden investigates the case of Stacey Lannert, who was recently released from a prison in Missouri after serving 18 years for killing her father. Lannert was only 18 at the time of the murder and contends that her father had been sexually abusing her.
Episode 30 31x30
An exploration of the economic downturn is shown in segments on economic downsizing for former high earners; recent homeless families; and companies promoting foreclosure-rescue and loan-modification services to distressed homeowners. Also, a report on YouTube video in which teens from Pomona, CA. talk about how the crisis has effected them; and a segment on companies which have prospered during the recent economy; and buyers who have been taking advantage of low prices for foreclose homes.
Bailouts and Bull 31x29
John Stossel and Drew Carey team up to chat about the waste and inefficiency of the government. Topics which are hit upon include ways to improve the economy, universal pre-kindergarten programs; security on our borders; the criminalization of medical marijuana and highway privatization. Also, a report on opportunity within the U.S.
Episode 28 31x28
Episode 27 31x27
Last September on a stormy night in Maryland, two college best friends, Jordan Wells and Ashley Younger, lived through a car crash and the were on board the Medi-vac when it also crashed, killing all but one of those inside. Who's fault was it and was the ride even necessary? Also, In February 2003 a trio of American contractors rode aboard a single plane for aerial surveillance for the US government, when it crashed and the survivors were taken hostage by rebels. The three men survived for five years under extreme conditions and at times chained together and staving off starvation by eating everything from snakes to monkeys. In 2008 a daring rescue was conducted and all were brought home to safety. But not only did they lose time from their lives but also away from their wives. Did they all wait for them?
Episode 26 31x26
An update on Diane Sawyer's story concerning the poor teens of Appalachia, from A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains, originally broadcast on February 13, 2009.
A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains 31x25
Diane Sawyer reports on four kids who live in poverty in the Appalacian's, ranging in ages from 11-18. Also, an interview with area doctors, author Ronald Eller and Kentucky medical clinic founder, Eula Hall, also known as the Mother Theresa of Mud Creek.
Episode 24 31x24
An update on former child actor Skylar Deleon who was charged with the murders of a couple on a yacht off the California coast back in 2004. Next, Brian Ross discusses the upscale prostitution ring with an interview of its madam, Kristen Davis.
Episode 23 31x23
Stories include a look at murders which are happening around Palm Beach County, FL., where in March 2007 a woman was slain after she walked out of an upscale shopping mall in Boca Raton.
Episode 22 31x22
A scientific look at what causes physical attraction, includes guest Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist. Also, Martin Bashir explores the traditions of arranged marriages and matchmaking.
Live To Tell: Who Lives? Who Dies? 31x21
An episode on what should be done while in an life-and-death situation, such as a plane crash, a fire or a boat sinking.
Episode 20 31x20
A examination on worth, from the value of a college education, to various CEO's, to life itself. Then, a look at salary secrecy and the psychology behind material desire. Plus a look at self-worth profiles former Denver news anchor Ernie Bjorkman, when after being layed off from the station became a veterinary technician.
Episode 19 31x19
John Quinones, an ABC news correspondent has come a long way since his job of shinning shoes.
Vanished: Missing in Milwaukee 31x18
A 23 year old Milwaukee woman has been missing since December 13, 2003, and was last seen arguing with her boyfriend. Since then her mother has been keeping up a search for her missing child.
Episode 17 31x17
A look at extreme motherhood, which includes home birth, serial surrogacy (women who bare others children over and over), women taking care of pretend babies, extended-breast feeding and making childbirth pleasurable.
Episode 16 31x16
2008's review of the "Caught on Tape" moments, featuring this years winners and losers, including Michael Phelps and the world's economy, along with the breakout stars, which includes a monetary value of celebrity baby pictures. Also, a segment on surveillance videos and personal nastiness caught on film, and a report on greed.
Episode 15 31x15
A report concerning an Illinois police sergeant who is a suspect in a serial rape case. Also, John Stossel discusses the U.S. government's economic bailout plan.
Drama High: The Making of a High School Musical 31x14
Drama students of Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia, are putting on a musical play of The Wiz. With the use of video diaries and interviews the students are followed on their emotional roller-coaster as they audition, rehearse and perform the African American Tony Award winning musical adaption of The Wizard of Oz. This was taped over a three month period in 2007.
Episode 13 31x13
The case of Caylee Anthony, the missing toddler from Orlando is updated. Plus, a look at kidney donating with staff members of ABC News. Then, a profile of Roy Haynes, the self named "the king of cheap" due to his Vermont recycling center.
Episode 12 31x12
Elizabeth Vargas interviews Stacy Rock, a Massachusetts woman who's ex-husband had been convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her boyfriend in 2006. Also, an update on the case of Little Rock newscaster Anne Pressley, who was murdered. And John Stossel reports on the US taxpayer bailouts of failed companies.
Episode 11 31x11
A look at adoption of foreign children to U.S. families and what happens when a meaningful family end up with a child who is so traumatized and damaged that it becomes life-threatening. In some extreme cases well-meaning parents will suddenly have too many children and the child can get lost in the shuffle and drift away from the family. In such cases the parents will choose to end, or disrupt the adoption. Juju Chang will have a discussion with "the adoption whisperer."
Episode 10 31x10
An interview with Ashley Dupre, the woman who's sex scandal brought down New York governor Elliot Spitzer in March 2008, forcing his resignation. Also, the repercussions from the "safe haven" law in which parents in Nebraska can abandoned children they can no longer care for. Lastly, John Stossel takes a look at troubled companies which need a financial bailout from the government.
Episode 9 31x09
Episode 8 31x08
An investigative look into the case of Riley Fox, a 3 year old girl from Wilmington, Ill. who was abducted, sexually assaulted and then murdered on June 2004.
Episode 7 31x07
Featured on this episode is an interview with Gov. Sarah Palin by Elizabeth Vargas. Next, a man who had his identity stolen by his own father. Then, a look at why opinion polls tend to swing one way then another on issues. Lastly, an update on voting machine problems.
Episode 6 31x06
British wolf-behavior expert Shaun Ellis is profiled along with his friend Helen Jeffs, both featured on Animal Planets new series "Living With The Wolfman." Plus, the story of a Texas couple who were in the process of adopting a 4-year old child when the woman suddenly poisoned the boy, which she has since been convicted of.
Episode 5 31x05
John Stossel introduces the viewers to the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics." Among the topics included are campaign financing, farm subsidies, and the public vs. private response to Hurricane Katrina. Among the interviewees are New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and Olympic ice skating gold medal winner Brian Boitano.
Episode 4 31x04
Barbara has an exclusive interview with Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook, discussing their marriage. Also, a report on Britney Spears newest video "Womanizer;" and John Stossel explains the wisdom of universal suffrage.
Portrait of a President 31x03
The conclusion of the profiles on the lives of John McClain and Barack Obama and their wives. The focus will be on their personal and family life.
Portrait of a President 31x02
Profiles and interviews of presidential candidates Sen. John McClain and Barack Obama and their wives. The focus of the interviews will be when in their lives they began having aspirations of becoming president.
Episode 1 31x01
An interview with Alec Baldwin, concerning his new book "A Promise To Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce," where he discusses his divorce in 2002 from Kim Basinger. Also, a look at the 911 call mishap which ended with a woman being killed on April 2008 in South Florida.

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