13 Sisters who use to practice paganism, centuries ago (1700's) were wrongfully accused of being witches. They were punished, tortured, and burnt alive by their love ones. They are reincarnated into present day in a different form and must have their revenge...13 Witches is the sexiest and darkest web series ever made! Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Game of Evil 01x18
300 hundred years ago, a single day change everything for Christian and his brothers it will also be a life changing moment for Nemesis and her sisters. The 13 Witches first season grand finale will surprise and shock you.
Quest for Power 01x17
Adrian delivers an important message to Eurybia in exchange of a reward. Isis and Persephore are questioning their loyalty to Nemesis.
A Love-Hate Relationship 01x16
Two years ago everything was going wonderfully in Christian's life, until he sees his Nemesis...What will happen to the one who started this tragedy?
The Tale of Nemesis 01x15
Diana is having Venus,Pandora and Themis for a wine night, where she'll learn the hidden human nature of Nemesis.
Who's The Bitch Now? 01x14
Themis is determinate to take revenge on Mark, the man who abused her for years ...Now that she has been reborn as a powerful goddess, she will reduce him to slavery after a rough fight.
A Clumsy First Time 01x13
Three years ago, Nemesis was sure she knew how to bring back Athena from the dead... Unfortunately for her, she soon realized that her sister is way stronger than first imagined.
Obscure Conspiracy 01x12
Three years ago, Athena accepted Nemesis's invitation for shelter and food. She rapidly realized there was an evil conspiracy hidden behind this new friendship.
Twisted Sisters 01x11
Nemesis follows Athena to the park and try to fix their relationship but she's not in the mood for forgiveness. Will they go wild on each other?
Never Betray A Mistress! 01x10
Mistress Hera is ordering Ben the slave zombie, to clean up the house because she is having an old friend over tonight! But Goddess Hera have a little surprise for Danica and her husband Charles. What could it be?
Deadly Threesome 01x09
Andromeda and Diana are haunting for power and Ken becomes a pray in a steamy threesome..

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